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WEEK 33 2004

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Saturday 14 August 2004

Saturday - overheard at Fry's the other day in the return line next to mine, from a 6'2" guy with tattoo's and cutoff military clothes: "These hard plastic wrappers, any way to get them off without cutting my hands up?"

For some reason the blogoverse is full of popular lawyer bloggers. Glenn Reynolds, all sorts of Volokhs, and so on and so on. But this blogger, sure he may have dropped out of law school but he has that ability to write, and let's just say that is well worth reading. Rely, rely, rely.

Friday 13 August 2004

Friday - on the road again. Heading home from Dad's I listened to the first three tapes of 'The Two Towers" and it helped pass the time. But I had to stop and take a small 20 minute nap at a roadside rest area in the 98 degree heat - dogs got me up several times during the previous night, and woke me up early on Friday. I was not a happy camper until the coffee finally kicked in this morning...

Back in Lancaster - the place looks good. It's 92 at seven o'clock with overcast...what's with that?

More Political Stuff, but then I'm Done (for a while) I swear:
In the interest of fair play to Kerry, I should point out that Intel-Dump has an article on the Swift Boat ad, likening it to attack ads run by the Bush Campaign on Senator John McCain in 2000, and that McCain calls the current ad "Dishonest and Dishonorable".

Back to non-politics...
Intel-Dump also talks about the Army's suggested reading list(s), which is interesting - I didn't know they had one, until seeing a post at Sgt. Stryker on the Air Force's reading list and a link.

What about the Navy then? Gotta check now...

Crikey. Here are reading lists for all the services. ( Damm, that Gore did a hell of a job on this internet thingy. Terrible job on the X-33 downselect though - he shoulda picked Rockwell's design.)

What about them furriners tho? Do they read too? Do they read the same books, or their own? Or both?

Well, the Canadians. I don't really see anything similar from the British or French. And it's late. And, well, I have lots else to read already...

Thursday 12 August  2004

Thursday - Arrgghhhh.

No, it's not 'Talk Like a Pirate Day". That's next month. Today was take shoddy unusable waste-of-time brand new motherboard back to Fry's day.

I got a new mobo, not Intel branded since those were all "open box" apparently, but rather an i865 chipset on a brand new ABIT. It actually seems to be working.

Fry's actually tested the old mobo, and agreed it was defective, something wrong with the RAM slots, but wouldn't give me a store credit until I drove ten miles back home, retrieved the 'shield' that I'd forgotten, and brought it back to them. B******'s, I won't be shopping there any more than forced to, I guess. What, three days and three trips wasted because of their shoddy restocking of used/returned products?

But with the unreliable Celeron and the unworkable new P4 2.8E I haven't got a lot of real work done.

Kerry Campaign Follies, part deux:
In other news that lowlife scum, the boston strangler John Kerry, has apparently been caught red-handed in lies about "Christmas in Cambodia". Heh, couldn't happen to a worse person candidate. For thirty years he got away with this, but it has finally caught up to him because he kept bringing Vietnam up. Most of the country has moved on, but, his wartime service being the only thing that he personally accomplished in his life, he couldn't let go. Sad, really, and amazing that he lasted this long.

 Maybe his "lucky hat" finally ran out of juice.

Note that this is an entirely different set of lies than the "swift boat" action where he pulled some guy out of the drink. He pulled the guy out, everyone agrees on that. The questions there are: were there any VC even in that action, and did the guy in the drink fall in because Kerry hit the throttles to run away (from a possibly non-existent enemy)?

It reminds me of the Micah Wright Army Ranger lies of a while back. Obviously there is some sort of deep seated psychological problem at work among lefties, to try and bolster one's image for profit and fame, but maybe some deeper need as well....  What sort of person would take the call sign 'Boston Strangler' anyway? I mean, he wasn't a cool historical outlaw like Billy the Kid or Butch and Sundance, he was a current monster in the press then.

Did I say 'other news'? The mainstream press, so assiduous about checking Bush's National Guard records just a few months ago hasn't yet even mentioned Cambodiagate. Wow. Talk about burning your credibility to the ground for nothing....

Wednesday 11 August 2004

Wednesday - at Dad's, computer problems continue. Because the old ebay motherboard Celeron box spontaneously reboots from time to time I am trying to build a brand new box, a P4 2.8E processor and new motherboard and what not. Nothing but problems so far. The CPU shows up as a 1.4Ghz, it dies and reboots, them memory isn't detected properly, and various other miserable things. I'll probably end up taking it back.

Tuesday 10 August 2004
Tuesday - on the road. Various computer problems.

Monday 9 August 2004

Monday - on the road.

Sunday 8 August 2004

Sunday - on the road.

Picture of the Week

Richmonds new Park devoted to WWII shipyars

Photo Notes: This is a little park, new, down on the water in Richmond, CA. It is a memorial to the shipyards that boomed there in World War II. Each of the low concrete walls points towards where a shipyard used to be - they are all gone now, of course, sixty years later, but they built a lot of Liberty and Victory ships here, as well as much else.

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