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Sunday 22 September 2002
Sunday -  a lazy day. The 49er's were playing, so I spent some time watching them. They won, though not by much. It's odd to see the 49er's with a great  rushing game and not much of a passing game.

Monday 23 September 2002

Monday -  work, and hand therapy. The surgeon said to go ahead, so the big cast is off, and I was able to see the scar - wow!  It hurts to squeeze and exercise, but no pain no gain I suppose.

Installed Redhat 7.1 again on pippin, but the machine still can't connect up! Frustrating.

I had a callback on the dog, from someone suggested by the local humane society. Hurrah. They are to come out tomorrow, or I'll go to them.

The goddaughter stopped by, and I reinstalled system on her PC. Someone had installed KAZAA on the machine and it had wrecked her broadband connection.

Tuesday 24 September 2002

Tuesday - hand therapy and then work. It  turned out that pippin's problem was due to a badly seated fast ethernet card. Thanks to Tim for suggesting and implementing that fix! I reinstalled system again, this time setting up the partitions the way I like them. PVM also set up OK, but XPVM was still acting obstreperous when I had to leave...

The dog now has a home - the people seemed very nice and I sent her off.  A lovely dog - but not really cat compatible.

It's the start of the new fall television series. After a little lonely howling I watched bits of Buffy, Gilmore Girls , and Smallville. No real standouts there, episode wise.

Wednesday 25 September 2002

Wednesday - it seems that PVM and XPVM need an applications' executable on each machine to run. Makes sense, though it seems as though the application as well as the data might be sent via the VM mechanisms somehow. I suspect SCYLD and such work that way. Still it's neat to run PVM on one box, and see it running automatically on all the others!

The next thing to do is to get a real application and run it - PVM-POVRAY perhaps. Then come up with my own work - a port of the CFD code. In the meantime there are the currently running jobs, some of which are still rather iffy, also problems with the cfd geometry interpolator, and Tim needs some help with the linear aero code. Also some reports by other people to review by next week, and our own monthly progress report. I wonder if anyone ever really reads these things?

The house refinancing is proceeding. My hand hurts from all the signatures...

KCET has been showing Ken Burns' Civil War series - what an amazing show.

Thursday 26 September  2002

Thursday - hand therapy, and then to work. Mostly it was some work on modifying the modal interpolator, to give the user a little more say in what's being done. The downside is that it complicates what was a fairly simple program. Simplicity is good , don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Friday 27 September  2002

Friday - another long day at work. Not a lot to say about it actually, just a bunch of coding and what-not. By the time I was home I was exhausted and went to bed at 8:30, early even for me.

We did have an astronaut, Scott Horowitz , come and give a talk, just after lunch. The normally blasé Dryden crowd turned out in force, and it was a nice talk. He's been on four shuttle missions, and had a lot of stories. His first mission was the tethered satellite mission ("It wasn't me that broke that tether - I was asleep!) and most recently the STS-105 mission. He had a nice set of slides and didn't get too excited when the projector broke. He also answered some questions: "Lance Bass - that's the stupidest thing I ever heard of!" , and an incredulous " Hah! We called that the E-ticket ride..." when someone in the audience asked if he missed doing A-7 Corsair departures out here at Edwards.

He also presented the Silver Snoopy Award to an engineer out here, Mr. Chris Nagy, for his work on the LSRA project , which did some work on the space shuttle tire's. There are some neat photo's and videos of what an over stressed shuttle tire does... Mr. Nagy gracious accepted the award, with a short speech giving credit to the team. Since I did a (very) little bit on the project, I guess I get a little credit too! Maybe a couple of Snoopy hairs....

Oww! Oww!

----- note to self --- no patting myself on the back until hand fully healed -----

Saturday 28 September 2002

Saturday - arose late, 7:30, much to the annoyance of the cats. I think I could build some sort of cat feeder that automatically dispenses food, but, since the one cat requires special (expensive) food, how do I allocate it? They both prefer the expensive stuff. Computer assisted facial recognition for cats? An identifier tag on their collar would work, if their collars stayed on, which they don' t. Too much playing and roughhousing with each other.

Changed the kitty litter, changed the Probe's oil, mowed the lawn All maintenance items. I did manage to squeeze in a couple of naps and a visit to the movie theater to see 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding ', which was pretty funny. I thought of going in to work but I'm pretty beat.

 I've been promising everyone a disgusting picture of my hand, and finally downloaded it from the camera.  Because it is disgusting (of course, you have to recall I'm the only person in the USA who doesn't watch ER)  you have to click on the picture of the bandaged hand to get to it. Don't say I didn't warn you!

hand in bandage
A bandage, but I have some fingers back, hurray!
Tomorrow I am going to put up  a different picture of myself,  and re-order  the days, so that  the  most recent  post is at  the  top, not the bottom.  It's about the six month anniversary,  so maybe  it's  time !


Picture of the Week


Photo Notes: This is a close up of a circuit board in a solar energy system. And they say engineers gave no sense of humor!

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