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Saturday 5 October 2002

Saturday - up at my father's. My brother was going to come as well, but various small emergencies (eight gas leaks in his house!) made it impossible. I left him a key to my house so that he could get a warm shower... Because of the late start Friday night I didn't get in until after midnight.

Friday 4 October  2002-

 Friday - therapy and work.

Thursday 3 October  2002

Thursday - more therapy in the morning, and a little bit of programming in the afternoon. Dinner was at the Thai Cafe, then I visited briefly with my brother.

Wednesday 2 October 2002
Wednesday - did a lot of proposal evaluations. It took most of the day to do them. It's a bit like scoring in the Olympics, anything less than a nine is considered hopeless. I understand that the evaluations for promotion in the military are in much the same boat - grade inflation run amuck. In any case the proposals I saw were all interesting and of use - I can't go into detail because of  a non-disclosure clause, but they would all advance the state of the art.

In other news I see the shuttle launch is delayed. The mission control building is in Texas, although the shuttle is in Florida - a President Johnson (of Texas) legacy. Apparently a lot of gear on the roof in Texas is rated for 50MPH wind, and hurricane Lili is at 135MPH! So they are shutting down there...

I want to say thanks! to all the friends and family that have checked in on me today - it warms the heart...

The other day the Astronomy Picture of the Day was Hoag's  object - here is a small copy, linked to the big one:
hoags object
This is apparently a galaxy in the shape of a ring. No squar e galaxies, but it's just a matter of time I suppose.

Tuesday 1 October 2002

Tuesday - well, the stitches (ten, about a half inch apart) came out. Then a couple of hours of the therapist picking out various types of gunk out of the scar... I screamed and cried , but they held me down until it was done. Just kidding. But I have to say that my mental focus was at a low for most of the rest of the day after that.

Monday 30 September 2002

Monday -  hand therapy and work. Nothing too exciting. Tomorrow the stitches come out...

Sunday 29 September 2002
Sunday -  rather quiet. It was a 'by' week for the 'niners, so I watched a couple of other games, none particularly exciting. 


Picture of the Week

  plaque outaide death valley

Photo Notes: This is a close up of a historical marker I saw, outside Death Valley, on the west side.

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