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Saturday 12 October 2002

Saturday - what I should do this weekend is reinstall system on my main machine and the laptop and see if I can get the USB to work. But that means backing stuff up and deciding between Win2K or Win98. They both have pluses and minuses. Redhat 8.0 is out and apparently very nice - it could be a contender as well. I do feel rather lazy, so I may just wait on all that, watch some baseball instead. Or I could shoot down to Fry's and buy a new system for myself, a P4 of some sort. If I can't get the USB to work on the old ASUS P2 system I'll  probably do that.

My brother left his dog here for the weekend. He (the dog ) just trotted by the window with a soccer ball in his mouth. Did I mention that it is a big dog? The cat, boldly hissing through the (closed) window, would just be a small morsel to him.
cat watching dog

Friday 11 October  2002-

 Friday - we sent off the modified interpolation program to be used. It's not really done, as a co-worker has hardwired some coordinate system transformations into it - they should be input, and the fixed arrays really should be changed to allocable, but there were some jobs that we needed to start over the long weekend. People were impressed by the clean mode shapes! We didn't get to the F18 AAW at all.

We had dinner at a little place next to the local "Pep Boys". It was a mexican place, and tiny - no more than perhaps 25 people could be seated - but the food was good. Then we all watched the 'Iron Chef' on tv, followed by a parody of the same recorded off of Saturday Night Live.  Not a lot of difference....

It's been cooling off here. There are even a few clouds, for a nice sunset. I saw a coyote on the way to work, but before I could whip out my car camera he was gone. NASA Dryden put out a memo reminding people not to feed the animals recently....

Thursday 10 October  2002

Thursday - a day off from therapy, hurrah! Work went fairly well, the interpolation program is mostly done and debugged, so that's almost out of the way. Now some F18 stuff, then maybe a pass at my own pet beowulf project.

Dinner was at the food court in the mall, and it was, well, food court food. But there is a candy store across from it that we pass through afterwards, so there's a bright side. Afterwards the group broke up, a couple people going off to see "The Banger Sisters" and the rest of us settling for "Forrest Gump" on video. I hadn't see it entire in years, so it was fun.

Wednesday 9 October 2002
Wednesday - a pretty good day. More electricity to activate the finger muscles - it's an odd feeling, treating yourself like a frog's leg galvanic experiment. Hopefully it'll work. On a related subject I have read lately that more and more students are refusing to dissect frogs and whatnot in school. I've mixed thoughts about that. Science is important, and hands-on experience may be worth an entire book. On the other hand, I dissected a frog in high school, and it did me no noticeable good that I am aware of, and it did the frog no good at all...

Driving up to my dads' last weekend, the odometer did it's noisy little work stoppage again, as 240,000 miles turned over. It eventually restarted, but it looks a though it's going to repeat every five thousand miles. Since I am intending to get a new vehicle at 250,000 it's not a big deal.

Looking at some photos from the trip I noticed something. My father and I were down at the waterfront when a train went by. Here it is:
train in crockett

I noticed a little speck in the left window so I zoomed in...
hand waving in train
The engineer in the train was waving at me!!! So cool.

Tuesday 8 October 2002

Tuesday - hand therapy and work. Now they are shooting electricity into my arm...

Monday 7 October 2002

Monday -  driving back to lancaster. A typical Monday drive down the I-5, nothing special.

Sunday 6 October 2002
Sunday -  rather busy. In the morning we went to the small town of Crockett. There are two nearly identical cantilever bridges spanning the Sacramento river from Crockett to the town of Vallejo, to which they are now adding a third bridge, a cable suspension bridge. The towers and the cables are up, but there is no bridge deck as of yet. I took some pics, which I'll post later... Unfortunately there was no work going on, it would have been neat to see the cable's being added!

In the afternoon we drove down to Fremont for a visit and dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. It was very nice to see everyone again.


Picture of the Week

   ship in abottle

Photo Notes: This is a ship in a bottle that a friend gave to me the other day . I  guess they build it outside, lower the masts, slide it in, then raise the masts and sails...

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