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WEEK 42 2003

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Saturday 18 October 2003

Saturday - spent six hours or so painting, the lower parts of the upper eaves, and the lower part of the master bedroom window. An entire gallon of green trim. The weather cooperated so I was able to stay up on the root tiles longer than usual.

Friday 17 October 2003

Friday - finished off most of the proposals. I'm burning out on this stuff. Oh well, pays the same.

The cat is annoying me by pawing at the laptop bag. It's been sitting in the same place for two weeks, since I returned home from visiting my father. Suddenly, tonight, it's an object of interest. Or an object near my feet, guaranteed to get a cat some attention if he makes enough fuss... Out to the garage with them both then!

Thursday 16 October 2003

Thursday -  more proposal reviewing. I actually finished, but will wait until tomorrow to "sign" them.

It's sort of cool, really, how it is done. Everything is on-line, the proposals, guidelines for evaluation, and the evaluation forms. You can print things out - I did - but it isn't necessary. It is an example of what the paperless future might be like.

Which reminds me of a story I heard somewhere, that shortly after computers first became very popular ( 1960's or 1970's?) there was a conference called, by paper manufacturers, concerned that computers would put them out of business. Hah.

Dinner was at Cousin's Grill, a nice chicken caesar salad. The place used to be called Cousin's Burgers, but they've gone upscale or something. Same food though.

Wednesday 15 October 2003

Wednesday - more proposal reviewing. Booooriinnnnng. I would rather do my own cool geek stuff then read about other peoples ideas. Oh well, pays the same.

Today I left at 4:30, and got home with some daylight left - and when does daylight savings time do its little trick? Anyway, got out the caulk gun and did another hour or so of  work. Heck, what an idea - leaving work at leaving work time.  Like the rest of the zombies employees.

Dinner was pizza, from Vince's Pizza, and ice cream for desert. I suspect the cat licked it when I set it down for a moment, but I'm getting down to the bottom of the carton and was careful to eat quickly and not look too close.

Those poor cub fans.... One guy is going to have to move I think. Looks like Boston and the Yankee's are going to seven games as well. Wow, what a race. Should be a great series whoever wins.

There was a little sidebar to an article entitled "Microsoft fixes five ""critical"" security holes" this evening. It had two items, "Online degrees in IT management" and "Browse all Technology Programs". You don't suppose that's where Microsoft gets its people, do you? It would explain a lot...

Tuesday 14 October 2003

Tuesday - back to work. Mostly reviewing proposals.

Left at 4:00 like everyone else, and stood in line at Stater Bros, along with half of Lancaster, since Lucky's, Albertsons's and Von's are being struck. I haven't followed it closely, but it sounds as though the stores want to slash medical benefit's for the workers, rather than just a strike for more money or whatnot.

Did a bit of caulking on the porch - getting home early allows me to take advantage of an hour or two of daylight. The weather is just gorgeous lately.

The Chinese just launched a man into space.

Monday 13 October 2003

Monday - Columbus Day, which is a federal holiday and therefore one for me as well. But the city street cleaners and trash men were working, and the car parked on the street across from me received a ticket. I suppose that Columbus is no longer politically correct and that except for the feds has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

In any case I did a bit more painting and such about the house. Read a bit.

Talked to my father - he says the 49er's lost again. Sigh. Well...we were champions...for a while.

Sunday 12 October  2003

Sunday - did some more painting - the green strip along part of the front. Used up another gallon of paint. But by mid afternoon it was too hot in the direct sun to continue.

Picture of the Week
  outside the cabin window of a heeled sailboat
Photo Notes: When traveling by old sail boat you are rarely going more than a few miles per hour. But, looking out the window of that same boat when well heeled over you might think you are just screaming along...

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