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WEEK 41 2003

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Saturday 11 October 2003

Saturday - well, I didn't get to painting. I did do some shopping, picked up some lumber for a bit of the scaffolding. But Quicksilver intervened. I tried to control myself, read just a couple hundred pages and save more for later, got carried away - and  by 10:00 pm it was done. Sigh. Now I have to wait for the next book in the series...

You'd think a book about science and politics in the late 1600's would be stultifyingly dull - not so. Stephenson sucks you into each of his character's adventures to the point that when there is a switch from one person to another you want to scream "" - and then you get sucked into the new character. This is repeated for about 900 pages! Arrghhh. Science, derring-do, romance, history, it's all there.

Are there anachronisms? I don't know. Stephenson has wonderful fun exposing the foundations of our present day science and society in a way reminiscent of James Burke's "Connections" series on tv back in the 1990's - it's hard to describe.

Friday 10 October 2003

Friday - not as busy. Our visitor is gone. The proposal that we ( my friend Tim mostly ) had to work on is done.

I have printed out the twelve proposals I am supposed to review by tuesday, and will look at ( some of  ) them this weekend. Arrrggghhhh.

Worked with the DVD burner, just a little. Backed up about 4.5Gb worth of files, in about 1/2 hour. Cool. A bit of advice to those installing a Sony external DVD writer - follow the instructions on installing the driver! It'll save you a lot of time.

On bear-maulings. This guy was warned, didn't listen, and the woman and then bears died for his stupidity.

"This is unfortunate, (but) I'm not surprised. It really wasn't a matter of if; it was just a matter of when.''

Thursday 9 October 2003

Thursday - extremely busy. But dinner at the Olive Garden, as our visiting professor is leaving tomorrow. I had the "Tour of Italy". I always have the "Tour of Italy". But I left the left-overs in my friends car, and he threw them out, many hours later. No italian leftovers' lunch for me!

Wednesday 8 October 2003

Wednesday - very busy.

Tuesday 7 October 2003

Tuesday - busier. But I did vote. In fact, at the local junior college, right across the street, before going to work. There were even free and empty 30-minute parking spots directly in front of the polling station! So, I went in and gave Arnie my vote. The way I look at it, Davis had his chance(s).

Lieutenant Smash explains a lot of my reasons.

Monday 6 October 2003

Monday - busy.

Sunday 5 October  2003

Sunday - drove back to Lancaster. Got in not too late, before 9:00 pm. And, if you notice, I have the Saturday post from last with with stuff from this Sunday in it. Ah, the perils of late posting.

For some reason my fathers version of Composer likes to change stuff I write, mangle links, insert things, and lose things in general. It's a frustrating experience when I post from his pc sometimes.

Picture of the Week
  snowy mountains about the highway 58
Photo Notes: When traveling by car a couple of years ago I caught this image after a light snow in the Tehachapi mountains...

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