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WEEK 40 2003

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Saturday 4 October 2003

Saturday - Quicksilver starts with the Wandering Jew meeting the young Benjamin Franklin, and goes on from there...

Well, the San Francisco Giants are out of the running and the Oakland Athletics look bad. Very disappointing, really. The A's had one of the worst games I've ever seen, that being game 4 of the series.

I won a quarter on the Raider's loss Sunday, however. Heh. Had to head down south again and didn't get to finish the 49ers game, but they didn't look very good...

I finished "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on the way home. A bit disappointing, not really up to the standards of the first books. Lot's of loose ends tied up deus ex machina (ish). Oh well, the trip still passed much quicker!

Friday 3 October 2003

Friday - not a lot to say. Watched the Giant's lose a game on tv. Picked up an optical mouse for my Dad - cigarette smoke and dog hair are hard on mice.

We looked at an Mercedes 450SL that was for sale out by the sidewalk. Personally I avoid used vehicles that have license plate frames from repair clinics on them... Actually, there is quite a market in used 'benz. Not sure why - the mechanic in Lancaster charges something like $80 an hour just to diagnose the problems. Not to fix them - just to diagnose them.

Good work if you can get it. Probably a lot of return business too.

There is an amazing picture of the Sombrero Galaxy by the Hubble Space Telescope out. Here is the small version. The big version is about 12,000 x 6500 pixels, and choked the laptop!

sombrero galaxy
The "Sombrero Galaxy" aka M-104

Thursday 2 October 2003

Thursday - my brother kindly took me the the A's/Sox game. They won by playing fairly good ball, and by having good pitching. Of course, breaking out in front with five runs in the second inning didin't hurt any! They are now 2:0  in a five game series. We took BART down to the Oakland Coliseum ( it has some other fancy name that no-one aside from the media use ) and back. It was really a good way to avoid the traffic, and rather inexpensive. The cars are worn now, not the pristine vehicles that I recall from twenty years ago, but the trains were on time, and nearly big enough for the huge crowd funneling through the skyway.

Who were obstructed by fools peddling anti-recall stuff in the middle. Now there's a way to win people to your cause - be rude to to them in public.

My father presented me with a copy of Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, which I have been waiting for. Last week there were none in the Lancaster Barnes & Noble, but he say's there were stacks of them here in Pleasant Hill. Hmmm. I feel reluctant to start - maybe I should read Cryptonomicon again first?

Wednesday 1 October 2003

Wednesday - I meant to put in a bit of work, but circumstances intervened. As can be seen by yesterday's abbreviated post I was tired in the evening. So, no packing for this weekends trip, and it all had to be done this morning. And the cleaning - I am by no means a 'neat freak' but I dislike coming home to a messy place. And I needed to microwave the cat food - it's been feeding unevenly and I think the swamp cooler has caused the food to moisten and stick. Then I had to go pick up my cell phone which I had loaned out, do an impromptu geometry tutoring lesson that I'd been too tired for the night before, and then it was lunch time.

Instead I headed north. Ah, hours of uninterrupted Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. I have just enough of it left to lighten the trip back.

I watched a bit of the A's/Sox game, but went to bed early, pretty tired.

Tuesday 30 September 2003

Tuesday - our DVD burner arrived today, at work. But not the media, at least, until the afternoon. Tomorrow I'll try it out, and see how it works.

Monday 29 September 2003

Monday - back at work. Not a lot to say about that. Tutored a bit in geometry after work, and then to bed....

Sunday 28 August  2003

Sunday -  I took the opportunity to do a little painting. Unfortunately it was warm - about 100 degree's, so I had to knock off in mid afternoon. Bah.

I watched a bit of the 49er's game in the morning. They looked terrible against the Vikings. They were down some amazing score at halftime, and I went out and did some painting. When I came back in the game was gone. Fox had switched to the Bills game!

Picture of the Week
part of the tower of london
Photo Notes: When in britain a few years ago we were in London. I would have liked to have visited to tower & complex, but there just wasn't time. But here is a shot from the tour bus...

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