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WEEK 43 2008

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Saturday 25 October 2008
Saturday - a lazy day. Not much going on.

My sister called to say the carpet is mostly dry, and she's having fun painting. I imagine she'll mostly be using it as a studio and piano room. It'll be nice, though french doors onto a patio in the back would be a nice addition.

Oddly enough, that is exactly what I did to my house - indeed, the cat's and I were enjoying the warm fall sunshine here in Lancaster, late this morning.

I am an uncle again, or, I suppose, a great-uncle for the first time. Dad's a great-grandfather. Little Kylie Ann is the new addition to this family, courtesy of my niece Ashley. Welcome, little tiny girl, to this great big world.

Friday 24 October 2008

Friday - I did a bit more work at my sisters, finished up the plumbing wall, cleaned up a bit. I did her a disservice there - I just piled everything movable from the family room in the back yard, there wasn't time or energy for more. So she'll have to triage it, and then keep and lug what she wants back inside.

The rug cleaning went well,the carpet looks new again. Remarkable. The cleaning workman helped me move the upright piano to get under it for cleaning. It's something the company technically won't let them do (liability, you know), so I tipped him pretty heavily. The family room is huge, and with a coat of paint will look even larger. I was thinking of installing some of those sola-tube skylights, but I suppose it doesn't need it.

After that it was back on the road, down to Lancaster. A lot of traffic.

Thursday 23 October 2008

Thursday - work on my sisters place continued, drywall, plumbing, cleaning and some painting. My brother M helped until about 5:00pm, then headed south - he hadn't left more than a few days food for his cats.

It looks a lot bigger, cleaned and painted white. I have to finish a small wall tomorrow - there were difficulties getting a copper joint soldered properly but I finally managed to get a good seal there. Then some joint compound, an outside corner and some sanding and texturing.

We've arranged for the carpet cleaners to come in, late afternoon on Friday. So I need to be mostly done by then. Then I'll probably head south, to where work awaits me :-(

How about those Rays?

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Wednesday - we started some remodeling on my sisters family room, replacing some old Masonite with drywall, moving stuff into other rooms - it's been the "big jungle" for a while, used to store various bric-a-brac. In addition pets - cats and dogs - have "done their thing" in there. Nothing too gross, but the carpet needs cleaning.

The plumbing is a mess, a mixture of copper and galvanized. But I'm not rebuilding it, just cutting back some stubs that stick out of the wall, so that they are hidden behind it.

We may also put a small fence in the back, but time is getting short.

Stupid Rays.

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Tuesday - Using a motion detector and a blender to keep the cat off your kitchen counter. Brilliant. [via GeekPress]

Of course I'd probably set it off myself if I had one, during a late night fridge raid, and drop something on myself and end up in the Emergency Room.

 Monday 20 October 2008

Monday - confused about who to vote for this election? My brother has the solution:

vote for Bob!
Vote for Bob. Free Beer!!

Sunday 19 October 2008

Sunday -  not much to say. I am slowly pulling in some dough, thanks to my fathers' willingness to bet on Bay Area teams. It was sort of a relief not to have to root for the 49ers', to tell the truth.  I didn't bet against the Raiders, just not having the heart, and they won. Sometimes you just luck out.

Visited with my sister, down in Niles. Went out to the local Olive Garden and at way more than I normally do, but still couldn't finish the 'Tour of Italy'.

I saw that Amazon was having a sale on outdoors equipment and decided to look at their boots, maybe get a pair of Raichle's for hiking. But their database has a small error in it:

Not exactly 'backcountry'. 

There is an interesting web site, gCaptain. It has a truly remarkable flickr page of sea/ship related photo's well worth looking at, HERE. A (much reduced) sample:

dolphins surfing a bow wave
Dolphins surfing a bow wave.

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Photo Notes: Rooster.

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