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WEEK 52 2005

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Saturday 31 December 2005

Saturday - New Years Eve! Not much going on here at Casa Martinez. The weather has dried up a bit, and firecrackers are a'poppin, which distresses the dog. We gave her two tranquilizer pills, and they help, somewhat.

Martinez was to have had a New Year Party down on Main Street, but it has been canceled due to rain induced flooding. I was down near there, on a walk with the dog, earlier, and didn't see any real damage, just some waterlogged leaves and such. I imagine the police and fire would rather keep themselves in readiness for more than a drunken street party.

Too bad though...

I must correct myself, I bought the SD card, yesterday, in an Office Max next to Fry's - it was on sale and the same price, and there were no huge lines at the OM store!

Friday 30 December 2005

Friday - watching teevee. Lot's of news about the big rain storms that have blown through here. Flooding is occuring all over the place.

I've noticed a sudden flood of ads for cheap dialup internet access. I guess all those people who received new PC's for Christmas want to get online. Netzero, Juno, and so on, are getting while the getting is good.

Went by Fry's, and picked up a SD card for the PDA. The PDA memory is volatile - if the battery dies you lose all your data. There is, supposedly, a built in backup battery, good for a couple of days, but... The PDA does, in fact, burn through the battery rather quickly. There are a few bigger replacement batteries out there that I am looking into - 2200mAH and 3550mAH instead of the anemic 1490mAH it comes with. I am also intrigued by the various "bluetooth" devices that it can communicate with. From what I can tell "bluetooth" is just a very low power radio link standard. You can attach wireless headpieces, wireless GPS devices, and other things. Interesting stuff.

Thursday 29 December  2005

Thursday - I feel a bit guilty about accepting the PDA, but I sure am having fun with it. It has, for example, text and picture messaging, where you can quickly send an email message to anyone else - particularly people with VX6600's, whose default email from Verizon is their phone number!

It's interesting, but this year will end well for this blog. In the sense that I don't need to tack an extra day onto the end, or cut it short - "week_52_2005.html" will be exactly seven day's worth of entries. First time that's happened.

In other news, I had an errand to run, over in Berkeley. It was much as I recalled, small busy streets, many one way, with small poorly designed signs. Not a lot of change. One new thing was Martin Luther King Way, which runs parallel to and between Shattuck and Sacramento streets. It used to be Grove Street, but was obviously changed at some point.

Wednesday 28 December 2005

Wednesday - I went down to the boat, because Bob said the bilge pump was disconnected. It was, but there was only a few inches of rainwater in the bilges. I sopped it up, added another tarp to the deck to try to keep more rain out, put the battery on the charger, and called it a day. This was all done in early afternoon, during a clearing in the various storms that have been coming ashore.

A present for me arrived today, a Verizon VX6600 PDA, from a friend. I'm embarassed to accept it, it's so awesome. It does internet, phone, contacts, pictures, and a host of other things that I'm not sure of. I need to sit down with the manual and figure things out - all I can say is "Wow".

Just, wow, how amazing...

Tuesday 27 December 2005

Tuesday - my brother Bob stopped by. He had a cold on Christmas, and was unable to make the festivities on Sunday. But he's feeling better, just in time to head back to work.

Despite getting a survey, having it sent to the insurance company, we still had trouble getting a policy. So, finally, despairing of them actually sending him a final quote, Bob just sent them a check for the original estimate in JULY. Heh. That did it, a week later we had a "binder". I guess no-one wanted to explain to their company comptroller why they were sending money back!

In other news, it started to storm, a good storm. I feel a bit guilty for wishing it on the rest of California, but then, what did they ever do for me, besides annoying me on the freeway? So, it looks good, a nice stand alone base unit, that can also connect up to a PC, and receives the outdoor weather sensor signals via wireless.

 Monday 26 December 2005

Monday - my present to my father was a little weather station, a WS-2310, in a "Weather.Com" box. We spent some time setting it up, and it seems to work pretty well, with the possible exception of the wind speed sensor. Pretty cool, actually!

Our only complaint? Despite forecasts of storm and wind it is flat calm, with no rain. Foggy and generally yucky, but nothing to test out the WS. Sheesh.

Sunday 25 December 2005

Sunday - Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to you all, dear readers.

We had a nice get together of the family, a few presents, and a nice dinner. Altogether a very nice day.

And, done.

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Picture of the Week

Wild turkeys down at the phantom ranch

Photo Notes: At the Phantom Ranch, down at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, there were a couple of 'wild' turkeys wandering about. I use quotes around 'wild' because, despite the rangers admonitions, they were obviously accustomed to being fed by the visitors. They would pursue people hundreds of feet in hopes of getting snacks.

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