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WEEK 10 2009

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Saturday 7 March 2009

aturday - no computer (mostly), no reading, no tv (mostly). It was a really long month - odd, since it was February - and I was determined not to waste the day at my usual pursuits. The cats and I spent a bit of time in the back yard, it being sunny out - if a bit cool, and then there was a lunch out with a friend at a little Korean BBQ joint (excellent food).

I did catch up on the latest (Tivoed) episodes of Smallville and Burn Notice, and checked my mail online.

Looking back through the blog I find:
How time flies.

Friday 6 March 2009

Friday - another long day in the channels. This one was pretty broken up, lot's of work to inspect. I had planned to leave a bit early, 3:30ish, but ended staying until 6:00 to get my minimum of 3,000'. Oh well. Lot's of inventory to go, though the end to the inspection portion of this job is visible on the horizon.

Lela, sadly, has passed away. She was a great companion to my sister, who is very broken up by this. Lela was well loved, and had a long and happy life, more than most cats enjoy.

Lela, R.I.P.

Thursday 5 March 2009

Thursday - back in the field, a ten hour day or so. More work tomorrow.

Sad news, my sisters' cat Lela is sick, maybe cancer. She's getting tests done and will know more soon. Our pets bring us joy and pleasure, and I believe we do the same for them, certainly we extend their lives. But we outlive them, so there is always a sad day coming.

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Wednesday - raining, so I worked all day on big spreadsheets. How big? It took an hour to run through one, and an hour and a half to create the other. Biggest I ever generated. I sure hope they are correct - I did some spot checks, but you can't look at every line of thousands.

Anyway, it's done, and sent off to the database guy.

My hands and forearms ache - the laptop and desk here in Ventura are not very ergonomic.

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Tuesday - back to inspection. A good day, over 4000' of channel. But it may rain tomorrow! Which is OK, I haven't quite finished the database tasks, because of the pressure of other work in the evenings. The VbScript stuff is written, but the input data needs scrubbing a bit....

 Monday 2 March 2009

Monday - it was raining in the morning, no channel inspection, but I headed down to Ventura in the afternoon and installed the Kyocera EVDO router in the work office and showed the boss how it works. It works well there, good signal strength, and seemed actually faster than the DSL connection we'd had. His PC Express card works in it fine. We discussed work stuff, and then it was a little bit of shopping and home to bed...

I noticed something annoying last week- sites that I have gone to using the search engine have an Ask toolbar across the top. This uses up some of the limited screen real estate and is annoying - I certainly don't want to look at it. Also the URL's of the pages found that was still have the Ask search string info in them. I assume that they are using that for some sort of tracking. I didn't see any way to turn this invasive nonsense off.

So, it's probably back to Google or Yahoo again.

Sunday 1 March 2009

Sunday - a day of work in the home office, after yesterday's bout of food poisoning. It was a nice day, and it was too bad to have to spend most of it at the keyboard.

Book #9 was Elizabeth Bear's All The Windwracked Stars. It was OK, written in journeyman fashion, but fantasy and not really to my taste.

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Amtrack passing by
Photo Notes: Amtrack, Simi Valley, Ca.

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