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WEEK 11 2017

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Saturday 18 March 2017
Saturday - Working like a dog around the house. I hadn't realized just how bad it had gotten.

We carried all the furniture onto the patio, then vacuumed prior to the wet-vacuuming.

The bearings in the vacuum froze again, just as we finished the staircase vacuuming, G say's he can borrow his parent's and I'll order another roller and belt.  And maybe a new washable style filter.  It's a great vacuum, but the roller issue is annoying.

We got the carpets downstairs cleaned.

The boys left after cleaning, to go see Reservoir Dog's, a big screen replay at a local theater.  I remember taking someone to see it on a date, and we walked out - it's not much of a date movie... Haven't ever seen it in it's entirety, not really bothered by that fact...

After the movie they came back and we moved all the furniture back inside the house.

Friday 17 March 2017
Friday - Nice weather, warm even.  They say it won't last, but I'll get the carpets done this weekend, while it's warm.

S is down at some professional conference, and taking out the opportunity to scope out the (notional) competition.

Thursday 16 March 2017
Thursday - Working away on this and that.

Sent some updates to the STARS airplane guy, he's apparently not thrilled.  Hmmm.

Worked on the app, and cleaned up the house a bit. 

Oversaw the boys doing some yard work - cleaning stuff up, weeding, laying some brick tiles I had laying around.  I've been putting pavers in, but don't have $500 spare change right now....

I'll need their help, or at least one of them, for steam-cleaning the carpets.  I try to do it every year, this is a bit early, but whenever works.  I think I missed doing the upstairs last year.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Wednesday - Nice weather.

One of the things S wants is the optimal number of moves for a solution in some of the game levels.  This turned out to be unexpectedly difficult, it may actually be one of those NP type problems.  Fortunately the app is so simple that I can actually hand calculate the solutions set from a set of possible starts, it's in the tens of solutions, but doable.  Tedious though.

Tuesday  14 March 2017
Tuesday - Grinding away on the app, not much to say about that....

Book #13 was More Joel On Software, by A. Joel Spolsky.  A bit repetitive, but a good read.

Monday 13 March 2017
Monday - Beautiful weather.  Did some yard work in the morning, mowing the back yard for the first time this year, fixing a bunch of broken sprinkler heads. Spent about $80 at Home Depot buying various yard work items - gopher poison, lawn fertilizer, sprinkler heads.

I pretty much ignored the back yard last year, because of the water crisis, and the drought and gophers have really done a number on it.

Working away on the app, making progress.  I have a list of 20+ punch items before we go to Beta, and each of those can (and usually does) expand into several sub tasks.

I did a little bit of STARS work, but I pretty much am waiting to hear back from Dr. G about a possible bug I found. It's nice to keep my hand in, and I enjoy working at it.

Sunday  12 March  2017
Sunday - No shopping, since I was down at the boat.

It was foggy when I woke up - it was nice and cool during the night and I slept well, except for pain in my shoulders.  Even with a 2" foam cushion it's pretty uncomfortable to sleep there. I suppose it's black old age and creakiness creeping up on me.

I had the urge to stay and do things, but there was stuff to be done in Lancaster.

Back in Lancaster in early afternoon, did some yard work - it was actually rather hot, and some housework.

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Sunset and the full moon rising
A sunset and a full moon just after sunset on Saturday.

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