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WEEK 17 2005

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Saturday 30 April 2005

Saturday - <sound of crickets>

beef jerky sign

Friday 29 April 2005

Friday - listen, copper, I ain't talkin'.

Thursday 28 April  2005

Thursday - still not much to say.

Wednesday 27 April 2005

Wednesday - not much to say.

Tuesday 26 April 2005

Tuesday - We've been watching the Oakland A's and Chicago White Sox on teevee this evening. It is some of the worst ball playing I've seen - both teams are racking up errors and hits. It's early in the season - but a balk?

Monday 25 April 2005

Monday - working on things. Mowed the lawn.

Much like the hummingbird feeder, the seed feeder for the other birds has been annexed by a possessive type. He doesn't spend a lot of time eating there himself, but, should another bird try to use it, he is right there to drive off the interloper.

Sunday 24 April 2005

Sunday - sitting around, watching some baseball with my dad and brother. I did some shopping, and therefore there were supplies for dessert - Marionberry Pie, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Best of all: since Dad paid, and I did the actual shopping, my brother dished it out for us. Somehow dessert always tastes better when someone assembles it.

There was a Discovery Channel special on submarines. This was on the new Virginia class of subs, designed for work close to shore - littoral warfare - rather than the blue water anti-soviet warfare of the Ohio and Seawolf classes. The show, while interesting, was remarkably free of any real information on how this was to be accomplished. There is a diving chamber, capable of holding up to nine divers.  That's it. It hardly seems like a good reason to build an entirely new class of billion dollar vessels.

I'm being sarcastic, of course. Obviously there are other improvements and changes - but the USN is keeping those cards very close to it's vest. Which is as it should be.

Picture of the Week
Ventura beach, December 2002

Photo Notes: Beach near Ventura, Ca., sometime in December 2002.

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