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WEEK 18 2005

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Saturday 7 May 2005

Saturday - calculus tutoring. On infinite series and their properties, which I am terrible at, because my calculus book only had perhaps 20 pages on the subject and the students books spends about a hundred....

Friday 6 May 2005

Friday - went to see 'The Interpreter" with some friends. I wasn't too enthused going in - Sean Penn is normally a loss as an actor, and I'm not really a fan of Nicole Kidman, but the movie was actually OK. It was sort of a mystery/thriller, a bit like a 1950's Hitchcock movie, though not as tightly plotted. (Well, you could fly a 747 through the plot holes.) It hit the usual PC points, the UN as an agent of good (debatable) and the idea of an african dictator being afraid of the ICC (which has no teeth whatsoever), and the CIA police work/casework was laughable - about the least professional you can imagine - but, somehow, it was OK. Weird, because Kidman was mostly an emotionless blank. I did like Penn's partner - she actually had some personality despite playing almost a bit role.

I need to mow the grass. It's very long - all the rain has caused to to grow eight inches in the two weeks or so since I mowed it. Which means I need to get my gas can back from my brother.

Thursday 5 May  2005

Thursday - went for a ride on the new bike. It's a lot of fun biking - it's been years since I did more than a few hundred feet. It's an offroad bike so it has 21 very low speeds. Going for a ride in the morning I was initially moving with the wind - and it seemed geared way too low. Coming back home it was nice to gear down and not kill myself riding against the winds. I need to get some thorn proof tires and fasten the water bottle, but am looking forward to covering  a bit more ground than the usual walk about the neighborhood.

Wednesday 4 May 2005

Wednesday - click on The Big Red Button - if you dare! My friend Tim says that it eventually repeats.

Tuesday 3 May 2005

Tuesday - my brother's dog, Duke, managed to cut himself. Since the brother was conveniently absent ( some sort of nonsense about "gone to work") I was called in to aid in taking him to the vet. I literally hadn't had my first cup of coffee when the call came in. It was an odd cut, in the loose skin under the left foreleg. It looks as though he somehow hung his body on something sharp, but a careful look around the yard and various fences didn't reveal any blood stains.

You could see through the hanging skin to the muscle and tendon underneath. Once this would have made me very queasy, but enough deliberate flaying of my own hand has inured me, somewhat. So, because of the size of the cut we had to take him to the vet, where mucho $$ later all is well. Duke weights 80 pounds and is not amazing well trained. So, I sat in the back on a sacrificial sleeping bag - to keep blood off the upholstery - and my brothers friend drove us over to the vet. They were a quick and efficient bunch, slowed somewhat by our not knowing the status of his rabies shots. It turns out that things were in fact up to date, but he got another shot anyway, and spent the afternoon in surgery and recovery.

So, many stitches later Duke is home again and I have mowed most of my brothers back yard. It seems that the vet also found a lot of foxtails in his poor mutt's ears that had to be removed. After our heavy spring rains the weeks the back 1/2 acre was waist high with weeds, and as I felt I should hang around until Mike got home - so why not make myself useful and rid the area of the foxtail menace?

Ans: because my tender hand now has a blister.

I did get a great home cooked meal out of it, and we all sat around and watched 'House' afterwards. It was a pretty good episode.

Monday 2 May 2005

Monday - a cat pic, since you were all robbed Friday.

riley drinking

Sunday 1 May 2005

Sunday - back on the road, heading south.

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Photo Notes: Camels or Dromedaries? At the San Diego Zoo.

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