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WEEK 19 2006

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Saturday 13 May 2006

Saturday - got the oil changed in the Probe, then drove to Rosamond and back, then had it smogged. Then I had the oil in the Explorer changed - $3.00 off for a second car in one day - and went shopping for swamp cooler supplies. Yes, that time of year again. New pads, new anti-scale filter, etc. Oiled the bearings - I need to change the belt out I think.

Discovered that the side had deteriorated to the point where the feed valve and float assembly simply fell out. Bah. I'll drill a hole in the other side tomorrow. Found a pinhole leak in the feed line and have a compression fitting, so I need to cut the part with the hole out and put a compression coupling in. My Dad said to buy two or three - if there is one leak there is probably more - but they only had the one fitting left at Home Depot.

Watched the Dodger's lose a 5:1 game 5:6 in the bottom of the ninth. Sheesh. Cost me a quarter too.

Had a nap.

Went over to a friends' place, had pizza (and Brownies!) and watched some teevee.

Friday 12 May 2006

Friday - the "check engine" light went off again. Hmmm. Scott mentioned that sometimes it is just a loose gas cap that sets off the computer. Sheesh. Well, I'll have him look at it anyway, and "clear the code" for me.

Speaking of which, this is pretty funny. I'll have to try it sometime. [via Jay Manifold].

Or just buy an electric sign for my front yard. I could hook it to the unix "fortune" command.

Sand sculptures. They have this sort of contest during the Fourth of July celebrations in Cayucos, but not to the same quality.

YouTube. I guess you can post video's here. Lot's of home movie stuff, some commercial stuff. Some funny, some kind of risqué.

Thursday 11 May  2006

Thursday - I particularly love it when they compliment me on my analysis, and point out egregious errors in the most deferential and polite of ways. Really, it's a pleasure dealing with someone who has been 'down the crick and up the mountain' as a Louis L'Amour character might say.

Speaking of which, my friend Dave called with the information that the Grand Canyon North Rim closes on October 15, so we have to go a bit earlier than last year if we do the whole cross-canyon trek from south to north, and want a shuttle back to the South Rim. Which is OK - early November was fine weather last year, so I don't imagine it'll be too much warmer in October.

Tuesday I had the Probe in for repairs. Wednesday as I was driving the Explorer home the "Check Engine" light came on. It's always something... But it's come on before (and gone off again), and I have to find out what the problem is before I try to smog it. Apparently they check 'codes' now, and any engine warning at all is an 'instant fail'.

Wednesday 10 May 2006

Wednesday - made some progress, have some initial numbers, which is good. I did finally get in touch with the guy who did a similar analysis years ago, and we talked. After much struggle I was able to email him some documents - he's old school - nomographs and charts, not computers and faxes. I love those guys!

Tuesday 9 May 2006

Tuesday - busy, working away, not working late because I had a car in the shop and had to go pick it up. Scott, the wizard of Nicobar, fixing that pesky coolant leak way wayyyyy under the turbocharger. I also had him change the belts, and the plugs, and the coolant changed out. He says the MacPherson struts were changed out 40K ago, and should still be good.

So why does it trash any tired I put on it? Maybe I'll take it to the dealer and have it aligned and balanced. I had an el cheapo place do it once, and it didn't seem to help.

Actually after picking up the car I went to the library and worked back in a quiet section for two hours - the band was playing across the street. Argghhh.

 Monday 8 May 2006

Monday - busy. I did mow the lawn.

Sunday 7 May 2006

Sunday - busy. Went into work...

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Practicing the Macarena at the poppy festival

Photo Notes: A teacher shows her not-so-large crowd how to do the Macarena at the Poppy Festival.

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