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WEEK 18 2006

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Saturday 6 May 2006

Saturday - so, I'm working away on something in the morning and the radio is playing LeAnn Rimes "Somethings' gotta give" and there's a lyric "waiting out a simple twist of fate". Heh. "A Simple Twist of Fate" is a song off an old Bob Dylan album, Blood On the Tracks. I wonder how many current listener's know that?

It's also the title to a Steve Martin film, (a remake of Silas Marner apparently) so maybe they'd know it from that, though it doesn't show up in the music credits on IMDB.

So, is it a phrase from Shakespeare, Coleridge or somebody?

The Dylan song is about a guy who falls in love with a prostitute, and becomes a sailor so he can hang around the docks more and look for her. The country western song isn't quite that bad, being about a woman turning 31 without a man yet...

Leann Rimes: rhymes. Hmm. I guess it's a stage name?

Friday 5 May 2006

Friday - I've been fiddling with the aquarium. Just recently it has turned rather cloudy. This coincides with a change in food, but also with the warming temperatures. So, I've changed the water a bit - six liters yesterday, six liters today, from the 20 gallon tank, changed the filter, added some 'clarifying' liquid, and it's a bit better. But not as clear as it was. I think I'll check the Ph and stuff like that. Get a plant to grow in there.

Big CDR today. So, no Buffalo Jill's. Darn.

I was trying to calculate a drag coefficient for an experiment at work. Someone did a very similar test a while back, so I checked to see what method they used. What the report says is "We asked so-and-so and he says xx.x". Hmmm. So-and-so is kind of retired now, but he still works for my company and I left a phone message for him.

Thursday 4 May  2006

Thursday - Tivo did indeed catch House. So, the cliffhanger another cliffhanger. Sheesh.

The Buffalo Bill's Cheerleaders will be at Dryden tomorrow, at 9:00am. Which is exactly the same time that a Critical Design Review for the G-III Firepod starts. Hmmm. Professional Cheerleaders or Guys With Pocket Protectors? Decisions, decisions...

Working on His Excellency, a biography of George Washington. I have to say - it's as violent as Sharpe's Tiger. So, now I know how the French and Indian War started....

James Lilek's Bleat today:
On the first Wednesday of the month, Jasper Dog talks to God. I’ve mentioned this before – the civil defense sirens go off, and he get an almost mystical expression. He stands, points his snout up, and joins in. It’s a rather straightforward liturgy. To a dog’s ear, the sound must be enormous – it comes from all directions, from above and beyond, many notes in one braided threnody, mournful and instructive, an elegy and an invocation. Since dogs know not Time as we do, the appearance of the Voice of Dog is utterly unexpected, but he always knows how to react.

Wednesday 3 May 2006

Wednesday - ackkk. Working late again. Missed House Part II, but hopefully the Tivo caught it for me.

Tuesday 2 May 2006

Tuesday - working away, working late. I did catch House, but it's a two parter, part II being tomorrow.

 Monday 1 May 2006

Monday - so I started listening on the commute to Sharpe's Tiger, sort of a prequel to the Sharpe stories in the Penisula. It was surprisingly violent - more than I remembered the movies being. It was also a library book, and, I realized on the way home, overdue. So I returned it and was not able to renew it - some sort of library punishment of a sorts. So it goes. I'll check it out for my Dad one of these days...

Besides, the schedule says "non-fiction" for the next book.

The weird noise was back, but I've figured out that it is the goldfish, messing about in the gravel. Strange, but it isn't rats...

Sunday 30 April 2006

Sunday - warm again. Hot, really, probably 90F or better. So naturally I was out in the yard, working in the sun. I was cutting down some 'volunteer' trees near the block fences, cleaning, generally trying to get organized. The cat's had a field day (heh), though they soon tired of the sun and lay on the patio, in the shade.

With a friend's help I picked some of the immature fruit off the donut peach tree - it's a small tree and the weight of the fruit that would eventually have grown might have broken the branches later this summer. Then we covered it with mesh, to keep the birds off. Generally I don't get around to that until the birds have eaten half the fruit!

For lunch I went out with some friends to Mythos, the excellent Greek restaurant down at the Palmdale mall.

I also watched the Dodger's lose to the Padre's. The Padre's were down 5:0 I think, in the eighth, but managed to come back and win in the tenth (a pitching collapse on the Dodger's part). Pat Summerall has the perfect voice to doze off to...

Books this Year:

#1 The Italian Secretary
#2 Gravity Dreams
#3 Master and Commander
#4 I've Been Around
#5 Homeward Bound
#6 Post Captain
#7 The Battle of Brooklyn
#8 Napoleon: A Penguin Life
#9 Wildtrack
#10 Fastnet, Force 10
#11 Shadow of the Giant
#12 Old Soldiers
#13 The Pirate Coast,
#14 Black Bodies & Quantum Cats
#15 H.M.S. Surprise,
#16 Sailing the Wine Dark Sea
#17 The Secret Life of Lobsters
#18 A Princess of Roumania
#19 StormChild
#20 Washington's Crossing,
#21 Alector's Choice
#22 The Mauritius Command

You'll note ( well, you probably wouldn't if I did tell you now ) that I had two Book #18's, in the past weeks. I've corrected stuff in the table above, but it's too much work to go back and change any but last week's posts now ;-)

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Roman Legionaire at the Poppy Festivals

Photo Notes: A Roman Legionaire lays down the law at the Poppy Festival!

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