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WEEK 21 2006

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Saturday 27 May 2006

Saturday - the day started cold and blustery, not so good for a barbecue. When we went out in the morning the wind was blowing small limbs off trees, perhaps gusting to 35MPH. Yuck.

We all went to my friends, Roger and Sheryl, for a pool party and it turned out OK. My friends put out a good spread to eat, and we had a lot friends and co-workers show up with their families (mostly boys, oddly). The wind moderated a bit, the tree's breaking it somewhat, and the kids splashed around to their hearts content. None of the adults put more than a toe in the water - 'kid warm' is how I'd describe it. (Kids don't feel pain like adults...)

Friday 26 May 2006

Friday - my friends have arrived, with their little girls. I don't think I'd seen the younger one since she was in a crib last year, but now she's clearly just about ready to start walking. The three year old is a pistol.

Phoebe is hiding upstairs from the little girls. Riley, on the other hand, is curious and makes cautious reconnoiters from time to time, wary of the three year old and fascinated by the ten month infant...

Thursday 25 May  2006

Thursday - working away on the CP thing at work. My first reply was "somewhere between 10% and 60% of the mean aerodynamic chord", and that's pretty much where I still am. Even Hoerner doesn't have much on low aspect wing-body combo's at transonic speeds. It's a very non-linear problem that cries out for a CFD solution, really.

Cleaning up a bit around the house - I've some friends coming up for the holiday weekend, so I vacuumed, cleaned the guest baths, and bought a couple of new pillows - the old pillows were pretty bad. (Indeed, I use them for duct blocking in the swamp cooler in the winter time!)

Wednesday 24 May 2006

Wednesday - back at work. They now want the center of pressure for a stores combination, a much trickier proposition that a simple lift and drag analysis.

Tuesday 23 May 2006

Tuesday - back at work for a half day, then home sick. Something I ate?

 Monday 22 May 2006

Monday - on the road, down to Lancaster. I borrowed 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' on tape - I read the book, I think, but am not really sure. At any rate it helps pass the long drives.

The cats look fat and sassy.

Sunday 21 May 2006

Sunday - I finished up the stainless fabrication for the chain plates, a tough job. My brother is on vacation, so it's been a solo project, but when all assembled on the floor it looks fairly impressive.

Then I tried to install it all into the boat. In the rain, at night, with a failing flashlight. Bah. I spend a good ten hours on that and put in enough that the mast probably won't fall out of the boat, but my brother will have to take care of the complete install, I just ran out of time and energy.

Picture of the Week
Dueling from the SCA

Photo Notes: The Society for Creative Anachronism generally comes to the Poppy Festival. Here a couple of duelists go at each other.

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