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WEEK 24 2005

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Saturday 18 June 2005

Saturday - went to a party at a friends house. Since there was just a day left on the 'no questions asked' return policy at Costco I decided to try out the camera under water. Seems to work fine...


It was a very nice party. The pre-teen boys had a great time, of course, playing various games. Present also was a small child, who, once equipped with a small life vest and "floaties" on her arms quickly lost her concerns over water deeper than a wading pool and was venturing out on her own into the pool (carefully watched by Dad, Mom, and just about everybody present) and performing a fairly respectable dog paddle.

Friday 17 June 2005

Friday - back on the road, down to Lancaster. I'll have to finish the table when I get north again in a few weeks.

Thursday 16 June  2005

Thursday - they say that no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. So my patio table refinishing is undergoing another delay: in this case the 'enemy' was the weather, in the form of a huge front coming in from the pacific.

I am down to the finish sanding, about, having finished with the 80 and 150 grit stuff. Then I think an application of 'Liquid Sandpaper', per the advice of my friend Tim, and then the stain. The new putty applied last night dried nicely, and looks to be about the same color as the old putty, and hopefully will absorb the stain about as well or poorly as the old putty.  Once the stain dries we can apply a layer of clear varnish, and the table will be set for another ten years.

Somewhat less, of course, if Mike decides to rebuild that Z.

Protection for when it started raining:

table covered in plastic
A plastic tarp to keep the rain from 'raising the grain'.

Wednesday 15 June 2005

Wednesday - the finish on the patio table that Dad built has been getting bad. It's been ten years or more since the varnish was applied, and between the weather and my brothers 240-Z paint over spray, it was showing it's age. So I decided to re-finish it, since the weather was so nice.

Starting work:

table before sanding
Note the grain showing through varnish on the top, and the gray primer across the end

We tried a couple of different finishes on the bottom of the removed plank, to check the coloring, which you can see in the picture on the right. I can't find a Varathane Teak finish anywhere (must be out of style), which is what I think was applied, but did find a Red Mahogany coloring that is similar, if not applied too thickly. So we'll go with that.

After sanding.

table after sanding
The plank at far right was removed - note the missing wood putty in the screw holes.

I had originally planned on removing all boards and refinishing them in the shop. Unfortunately the screws were gripping extremely well, and it was a major effort - requiring drilling and a pry bar - to remove even one board. That board, made of soft redwood, sustained some damage from removal, so I decided to leave the other boards in place and refinish the top and sides only. Since they are all that shows weathering I think it's OK. I refastened the one plank, and reapplied some wood putty, which will hopefully dry to the same color as that on the old boards.

Tuesday 14 June 2005

Tuesday - up at my father's place.

Amtrack train passing old Martinez Station
Amtrak liner, passing the old station in Martinez.

Monday 13 June 2005

Monday - on the road.

heading down the I5 (grapevine) into the central valley
Heading down the I-5 (the 'Grapevine') into the California's Central Valley.

Sunday 12 June 2005

Sunday - taking it easy, getting ready for a trip, so light posting here until I get back.

Picture of the Week
pollywogs in the desert park

Photo Notes: Pollywogs, I think, over near the desert woodlands park. They all made a mad dash for cover when I first appeared. I imagine just about any bird would find them delicious.

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