WEEK 26 2008

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Saturday 28 June 2008
Saturday - on vacation. No EVDO.

Friday 27 June 2008

Friday - on vacation. No EVDO.

Thursday 26 June 2008

Thursday - on the road today, up to (near) Yosemite. On vacation, so reduced posting for the next few days, I imagine there will be Verizon service but am not sure of the availability of time for posting.

The cats were in good health, and reasonably happy to see me, but it'd only be a few days absence, they were in no way frantic.

It looks like there might be a lot of smoke - forest fires everywhere. My brother sent me a link to an image of current California fires by the MODIS satellite, most of these were apparently started by dry lightning.

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Wednesday - worked a pretty full day, then went to the V place, picked up and packed up, and was out of town about 8:30pm. I did stop to drop off a t-shirt for a friend's boy, from the Texas Cattle Company restaurant in Lancaster.

On the way home I finished Book #26, Pastoral*, by Nevil Shute. This is one of his WWII novels, and a bit slow, save for the flying bits. On the other hand, all his books are 'a bit slow', and I actually enjoy it at times.

The reader (British) accents the title differently from how I'd pronounce it, Pas-tor-al rather than Pas-tor-al. A across the pond difference, or just my Western/California accent?

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Tuesday - not a lot to say. Keeping busy.

Neat link, of pictures from the air. I may have posted these before. Caution: they are big and there are a lot of them! [via Newmark's Door]

Rumors of a Princess of Mars movie (last mentioned in December 2006) continue. This time: from Pixar.

 Monday 23 June 2008

Monday - on the road at 4:30am, down to Ventura, then a ten hour day. Nice weather for it.

They are going to raise the old Russian Juliett in Providence Harbor. The Army & Navy will do it for free, just for the practice. Sadly, they don't expect her to be salvageable as a tourist attraction, after refloating.

Looking on Google Earth, I couldn't find her. Odd.

Sunday_22 June 2008

Sunday - hmm. Discovered that Camorama will not connect to my server. So, until that is fixed, no webcam from the house.

Cleaned up a bunch of stuff in the spare bedroom - put various bits and pieces and pc equipment in some nice plastic storage containers and put them away. Tossed out about half a trash can worth of old bits of packings and worthless stuff. Discovered no less than 7 hard drives laying about, one that has never even been opened!

Did the laundry, changed out the old kitty litter, various household items, went to the store. Getting ready for my vacation.

Went over to a friend's place for a quick dip in their pool...

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bird and chicks in nest
Photo Notes: Mother and chicks, being very quiet and still while I'm about...

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