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WEEK 27 2004

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Saturday 3 July 2004

Saturday - drove up to Cayucos, near Morro Bay, arriving early afternoon on Friday. I had some trouble sleeping, so I arose just before midnight and tried to take a picture of the surf. Once my eyes had recovered from the flash bouncing off the window, I turned the flash to off and took another, then went back to bed. With a lot of brightness filter applied, we get this:

flash bouncing off windowcayucos at night, underexposedCayucos at night
Cayucos, looking towards the pier from the south end of town.

Friday 2 July 2004

Friday - off to the beach for the weekend, so no posts for a couple of days...

In other news, Hubble has discovered a hundred new planets...

Cassini has successfully entered orbit around Saturn...and already stunning pictures are being returned.

Thursday 1 July  2004

Thursday - down LA way, meeting with some people, then back here for dinner, then a quick dip in a pool and bed.

Wednesday 30 June 2004

Wednesday - back into the swing of things, working away here. We may expand the aero modules some more - a lot of work there, and then there is a paper due for September. No rest for the wick......Hey! I resent that.

I smogged the Ford Probe today, so that I could register it again. The mechanic told me that the turbocharger wasn't working. So, naturally, I floored it afterwards - it works fine. Maybe he's used to the immediate response of a supercharger? The online registration worked well, once I'd waited a couple of hours for the smog test to work it's way into the database.

After the side yard was cleaned, only the old (half melted) tv was left:

The lonely tv
The lonely teevee, afterwards...

Tuesday 29 June 2004
Tuesday - my fathers camera is awesome. Here is a shot of a CDF water bombing helicopter in flight, perhaps a half mile away, cropped but otherwise unmodified:

CFD water bombing helicopter in flight

Is there a housing bubble? This article says "no".

Monday 28 June 2004

Monday - heading back to Lancaster. First I had to go to Richmond for a brief stop. I had lunch there, and took a couple of pictures down at the marina. So that would be local street to the 680 south, to the 4 west, to the 80 south, to the Richmond Parkway, some surface streets for a few minutes, then it was south on the 880 until I reached the 101 south, then south on that until the  state highway 46 east, which I took to the 99, the 99 south to the 58, the 58 east to the 14 south ( after surface streets and a stop for gas in Mojave) and finally home.

It was a long trip. I only take the State Highway101 occasionally - once every year or two.

There were nineteen messages on the answering machine when I got in. Next time I need to read the manual on how to retrieve messages remotely...

Sunday 27 June 2004

Sunday - the San Francisco Giants redeemed themselves, crushing those insignificant Oakland Athletics beneath their mighty heels. Strange seeing Barry Bond batting fourth, as the DH. And I won my quarter back - that's the special Illinois Comparative coin that I'd been forced to hand over on Saturday.

I'd put up a photo of it here, but wouldn't want to seem ungracious and unsporting. I'll just describe it instead...

The front is normal. The back is different: it has the outline of Illinois on the back, with Lincoln jumping through it, like small town football players jumping through a paper banner, and the John Hancock building. And sort sort of weird little thing in the upper left corner that probably means something to people there.

Lincoln seems to be carrying a purse - that can't be right, can it?

Perhaps I should have asked for an 'old' quarter.

Or 25 pennies.

We watched Galaxy Quest later in the evening. Funny thing:. it had Monk, er...Tony Shalhoub...as Tech Sergeant Chen....er...Fred Kwan. Whatever. Amusing, but I've the feeling that the DVD is missing a couple of small scenes - one where Sigourney Weaver discovers that the computer will only talk to her character...and...and...and I can't remember the other. More stuff with the geek boys? Seems weird that they'd remove stuff from a movie before creating a DVD though - maybe it's just my bad memory.

In other news: people keep calling me and saying that my peaches in the back yard are delicious. Hopefully some will still be there when I get back tomorrow!

Picture of the Week

A fire starts in the hills above Martinez

Photo Notes: This is a shot across the valley, this last week in Martinez, just after I noticed the smoke. It's taken from across the valley, perhaps a mile or two from the fire. No one was hurt, even the animals being successfully evacuated from local ranches, and the fire was out in a few hours. A dramatic pillar of smoke but not a lot of flame visible from my location.

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