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WEEK 27 2006

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Saturday 8 July 2006

Saturday - took the dog for a long walk. She was exhausted by the time we got back - black dogs don't do too well in the hot sun, and she hadn't had a lot of exercise lately.

Friday 7 July 2006

Friday - in Martinez. I've read a couple books while on vacation. Book #27 is In The Last Analysis, by Amanda Cross. The detective in this particular series, Kate Fansler, is an upper crust professor of English around whom (who?) murders are always being committed. Sometimes these things work, sometimes they don't. I'd say this book didn't really work. "Boring and pretentious" is how one other reviewer described it. I can recall reading a couple of other novels in this series and enjoying them, some years ago. I don't know if my taste's have changed or it was just a bad book. Perhaps a bit of both.

Book #28 is The Best Western Stories of Loren D. Estelman. I liked these a bit better than the Cross book, but they were a little weird. Sort of "hard boiled" westerns, taking place from the 1860's to the 1920's, mostly ending with an O'Henry twist. Not too bad, but not Louis L'amour either.

Thursday 6 July  2006

Thursday - on the road, north to San Francisco. After dropping someone off I went down to Ocean Beach and took a couple of pics (warm, sunny, not too windy), then headed east to visit with my Dad for a couple of days.

Ok, I admit it. I got lost in SF and headed for the beach because I know how to get home from there, and it looked like less traffic than downtown at 7:00 pm.

Wednesday 5 July 2006

Wednesday - at the beach.

Tuesday 4 July 2006

Tuesday - at the beach. Happy Fourth of July to the US of A! We watched the annual parade in Cayucos. It was quite a bit smaller than in previous years, which is a relief. It was up to 100+ floats and entries a couple of years ago and took hours. This year it was about 60 entries and only took an hour. The crowd may have been a bit smaller, but not by much!

 Monday 3 July 2006

Monday - at the beach.

Sunday 2 July 2006

Sunday - on the road, up to Cayucos for a few days. I had company: two twelve year old boys who were, in fact, good company. The Explorer was loaded up with folding chairs, boogie boards, skim boards, food, and assorted bits of bric-a-brac for a sister in San Francisco. And we were off...

Picture of the Week
Norsea 27 sailboat

Photo Notes: The Norsea, hauled out for surveying, in Oxnard. The day had just a bit of marine layer overcast (as you can see in the picture) and was a nice 65F, forty degrees cooler than Lancaster!

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