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WEEK 31 2009

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Saturday 1 August 2009
Saturday - went to a memorial service in the morning, for a former co-workers wife. She was about my age and had been battling brain tumors for almost eleven years. A nice lady, and the tributes and memories of the crowd reflected that.

In the afternoon my brother showed off his new (to him) house. It being the first of the month they had turned off the power, but we had plenty of light to enjoy the big bedrooms, family & dining rooms, the pool, and - since it's on a hillside in Quartz Hill - the wonderful view across the Antelope Valley.

Book #39 was The Biofab War, by Stephen Ames Berry. Eh. Kind of a generic space opera. Easy to read in the evenings when one is too tired & distracted to read a real book...

Friday 31 July 2009

Friday - back on the road, up to Lancaster. It's hot up there.

There are also serious issues with my sprinkler system that I need to address, and some work on the utility trailer - the stake bed sides - that needs to be done. And my usual yard worker has been gone for weeks to Scout Camp, so the mowing is neglected. And I haven't looked at the rose bushes in weeks ;-) The garage is almost impassable and the carpets inside the house almost unspeakable.

Squirrel at beach walk, Cambria, Ca., 2009
Squirrel at Cambria beach, July, 2009.

Thursday 30 July 2009

Thursday - Book #38 was The Letter of Marque*, by Patrick O'Brian. Excellent. We are getting to unknown territory now - I read these, many years ago, but don't think I went much past this particular book.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Wednesday - talking to my friend S the other day she mentioned that when she checked up on the cats Sunday they were at first  nowhere to be found. As mentioned before, S is considered the epitome of evil, having been the first person to take them to the vet. I, and others have taken them many times since, but they have internalized the person responsible as her.

So they always run and hide, and she has to track them down to see if they are OK.

This time it wasn't too bad, after a bit she saw them there at the top of the stair, peering down at her suspiciously....

Riley and Phoebe, gazing down the stairs in suspicion
Suspicious cats.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Tuesday - I should note that Zac Sunderland finished his around-the-world trip the other day - congratulations are due, a remarkable effort.

 Monday 27 July 2009

Monday - back to work.

Sunday 26 July_2009

Sunday - well, I finished installing the exhaust line, and started the diesel successfully. After a bit more pre-voyage preparation I headed out. No problems, and I had a good sail, after a successful motoring experience. There was a bit of fog so I mostly stayed inshore - the VHF was full of CG & Vessel Assist rescues and also some talk to/from an aircraft carrier. Not wanting to be shouting 'STARBOARD' up at a nuclear powered carrier I stayed in the less foggy area.

My sail handling was atrocious, but I haven't been out in a while, and there is an outstanding issue with the jib halyards hanging up on the forward hatch coaming and the forward lower shrouds. Very annoying. Still, there were patches of sun and I experimented with running under jib alone, under main alone (very slow), and even managed several minutes of wing-and-wing downwind. Perhaps four hours until it felt that the fog was getting thicker, then I headed in.

The schooner below was directly downwind of me at about a half mile, so I tacked out into the channel and down, and when I came out of the fog she was directly upwind of me by the same half mile. So it goes. Note the fairly good sized yacht forward of her - I'd put her length at 70-90'. No topsails. Lots of passengers, and I think she anchored for a bit.

There were some big swells coming in out of the southwest, and that was neat. A lumpy horizon - I've seen that from a kayak, but not a respectably sized sailboat. Neat.

Picture of the Week
Schooner off Channel Islands Harbor

Photo Notes: A schooner off of Channel Islands Harbor, July, 2009

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