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WEEK 36 2004

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Saturday 4 September 2004

Saturday - again, just working on this and that, not a lot to say.

Friday 3 September 2004

Friday - not a lot to say, working on this and that. It looks as in Florida is going to get smacked by hurricane Frances, but that Frances is declining in strength from it's initial category 4.

Thursday 2 September  2004

Thursday - a nice day, if a bit warm.

I installed Fedora Core 2 on a computer yesterday. It was my brother's older PC, one that he recently replaced. It was an XP box with a completely corrupted OS that he was happy to donate to my new life in my father's basement. The install went very smoothly - everything was detected and seems to work OK except the audio. I am not sure if the speakers were working or not. I haven't ried the USB or CD burner, but the CD read/mount stuff worked just fine.

I did the simplest install, because I wanted to check out the process prior to putting it on a laptop with a small hard drive, only 4GB. It worked just fine, though possibly not having as many GAMES as Red Hat 9. I do need a bigger monitor, 14" at 640x480 doesn't cut it, but it was already useful in my work, making the unix tools available to me in software development.

We watched the closing speeches at the RNC here this evening. A couple of pretty good speeches by Pataki and Bush, though not quite up to Zell Miller's fire and brimstone performance of yesterday. But a president has to be a bit calmer about things.

Apparently several demonstrators snuck into the hall and had to be taken out yelling and screaming about whatever wacko cause they were advocating, while the crowd would chant "Four More Years". Heh. A little unclear on the democratic process I guess.

At the end LeeAnn Womack came out and sang "I Hope you Dance", her signature tune. And then, Oh Dear God...the humanity of it all...some of them politicians dancing on live eyes...

Though the texas delegation...well, I always was partial to gals in cowboy hats. As Chris Muir might note, it's a brainstem thing.

And now, ahhhh, I get to watch the San Francisco 49er's last preseaon game. The Charger's, with a lot of help from the refs, are handing them Oh well, it's just preseason, right?

Wednesday 1 September 2004

Wednesday - saw an article about West Nile virus. In Needles, California. What the heck? Standing pools of water are a worry in a town that regularly busts 110 Fahrenheit?

Tuesday 31 August 2004
Tuesday - work, then traveling.

We watched a bit of the RNC. Arnold's and Laura's speeches were OK, but not up to Giuliani's performance on Monday night.

Monday 30 August 2004

Monday - for lunch I went to COSTCO. I mean, I paid for the membership, I should buy something there, right? Plus I needed out of the house. I had their polish dog (not bad) and a coke for $1.80, $2.12 with tax. I ate, and then wandered around a bit. Dangerous that, I saw a cool computer controlled telescope they had for sale.

For $200 it was a Celestron Nexstar 80mm (3.1") refractor, with a computer control remote, a link to a pc (serial cable, bah), and a 4000 item "GO TO" database. You first align the scope, then you just enter what object you want to look at - galaxy, star, nebula, whatever, and it points there on it's own. Very interesting. There are apparently several models, some quite a bit larger than the 3 inch refractor. And of course, lots and lots of (expensive) accessories...

The question is, could this accurately track planets? Because, if it could, much of the work involved in my old "planet cam" idea is solved already.

I didn't buy it, but I was tempted a little. Still, I know now, after many years, that it isn't the equipment. If I was going to stargaze I'd being doing it now, without the glitzy new toy...


Sunday 29 August 2004

Sunday - I pulled that muscle again, under the shoulder, so it was a deliberately slow and uneventful day, spent reading and watching teevee for the most part. Guess I need to get rid of the old water bed, and look into buying a real mattress.

But, quarterly taxes are due September, as well as registration for the Explorer and my own drivers license, so it will have to wait. I seem to spend a lot of time jumping through federal and state hoops and paying for the privilege.

I've been hoping to catch a glimpse of the 49'ers on teevee, but it's all Raiders and Chargers. Bah.

Picture of the Week

Harry Potter battles killer Mosquito's

Photo Notes: "Harry Potter and the the Battle of the Killer Mosquitos", courtesy of the 2004 County Fair and Alfalfa Fair. I don't make this stuff up...

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