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WEEK 37 2003

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Saturday 13 September 2003

Saturday - spent most of the day working in the yard. We did go to lunch at the Blue Koi, and I picked up some more paint for the house trim. Also a book on the X-15 from Barnes and Noble.

Friday 12 September 2003

Friday - not a lot to say. Stayed late at the office, working on some parallel processing stuff. Tired.

Thursday 11 September 2003

Thursday - September 11. I won't say much, won't post some of the pictures - but I haven't forgotten. We have enemies and they deserve to die. Here's an essay, and another, and another.

Yeah, I'm still angry

Wednesday 10 September 2003

Wednesday - cats and mice don't get along. Computer mice and cat hair, at any rate, seem to be incompatible. So I bought an optical mouse. Seems to work a lot better although kinesthetic memory still expects the start-stop bump and stickiness of the ball. I'm sure I'll get used to it. It's a red led, but the case fan light is blue - is this a fashion faux pas?

Yesterday morning there were two coyotes, side by side, crossing the road ahead of me at work. There was also a dead snake in the road - perhaps they dropped it, or were investigating when I drove up. I probably should have stopped to see it it was a rattlesnake (perhaps even the remnants of a dreaded mojave green) but didn't. Today I did not see it. There are enough varmints of one kind or another that a free meal isn't going to waste around there.

Today I applied another microsoft security patch. Actually it was a patch to a previous patch. Arrrggghhh. The question is: will there be a patch for this patch for a patch?

Big fleas have little fleas,
Upon their backs to bite them.
And the little fleas have littler fleas,
And so on, ad infinitum.

If I was in charge of things I'd try to get rid of the microsoft fleas products altogether - they are just too big of a security hole. Train the user's in OpenBSD, which is "secure by design".  It also has a much cooler logo!

This evening was balmy. I drove slowly coming off the base so that I could enjoy the nice 85 degree air with all the windows (and sunroof) open.

You may recall that I was blathering on about internet web cam/telescopes stuff. Man, am I way behind the curve...check out Apogee Instruments. And, like ants, you can assume that where one is, others are, or soon will be...

Tuesday 9 September 2003

Tuesday - took the Explorer in for the recall. Some sort of seat reclining problem to be fixed.

Monday 8 September 2003

Monday - work. Not a lot going on. Went over and tutored my friends niece in plane geometry in the evening. I'd forgotten the "betweenness of rays theorem". Ahh, the memories that brings back... My teacher was a roller derby fan. On certain days you could almost be certain of class ending early, so that he could watch. Heh. I wonder what the other instructors thought of that being on the faculty lounge television at 3:00?

Sunday 7 August  2003

Sunday -  the  reception on Saturday night went off well. The reception was down in Monterey Park at the Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant. The bride and groom looked happy - and tired - and the dinner was many courses of very interesting seafood.

I really didn't know what to say - apart from my personal congratulations which they already had - so I abstained from my usual toasts and speeches - undoubtedly to everyone's relief.

I understand that the honeymoon will be in Hawaii, my suggest of Halifax losing out for some reason...

Picture of the Week
bride and groom at the reception
Photo Notes: The beautiful bride and her handsome husband. All the best!

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