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Saturday 13 September 2008
Saturday - I took it easy, resting that sore foot.

There is so much to do, that it's a huge temptation to be out-and-about. To go get the battery swapped out at Sears, get the new Neal Stephenson book at Barnes & Noble, to go to the library, or to wash the car. The lawn could use mowing, though another week won't hurt it. I'm also out of groceries, or nearly so: no bagel for breakfast, oatmeal instead. I used the last of the sugar, so it'll be black coffee tomorrow. Acckk.

On the other hand, I got a lot of napping and catching up on the TIVO done.

Friday 12 September 2008

Friday - a day longer than I'd hoped for, shorter than I'd feared.

When you work for yourself you learn to set a goal, and stick to it. Nobody is there looking over your shoulder, no one to tell you to hang in there. It's hot, there are bugs, and your feet are so tired that they are literally going numb by later afternoon. Your help, the county worker, is long gone. A bunch of the stuff he did is wrong, so you are doing your job, and redoing his, too. A little voice tells you that you could take it easy, quit now and do the rest on Monday, and no one will know the difference, will know that you could have finished today.

No one but you.

I was driving east down the 118 and had the radio on, after work. The news came that they were closing Topanga Boulevard to exiting traffic, because of a MetroLink crash. I assumed it was another idiot, trying to sneak across the train tracks in the commute traffic and getting whacked. I was selfishly irritated by the slowing of traffic and congestion on the freeway. Cops and emergency vehicles kept streaming by. A bit later, talking to my Dad on the cell I learned that the accident was far more serious, two trains colliding, the Metro and a freight, people dead. A terrible thing.

I put a quarter on the  evening game, the Ranger's versus Oakland. Last I heard it was 6:0, Rangers. Oddly I haven't heard from Dad about the games' outcome... I visited Arlington Stadium once, on a business trip to Fort Worth. It was a snug place, small and steep as I recall, well lit for a night game. I had a Ranger's cap that I picked up there for years, gone now, as is my Pirate's cap from Pittsburgh. That was before the big strike, so it was a while ago.

rangers vs athletics
Looks like another 25 cents in the bank!

Scruffy looking bird. Seed eater, by the shape of the beak.

Thursday 11 September 2008

Thursday - another long day. But I'm not particularly tired, for some unknown reason.

Another day of work tomorrow, then I can decide whether to sail on Saturday, or head up to Lancaster. The thing is, I have to go to Lancaster anyway, business stuff. I could sail, then go up, but it seems silly to do the drive up and back for one day. So, probably I'll sail next weekend. Gives me time to clean up some stuff and fix some things on the boat.

How many times can one Statue of Liberty be destroyed? [via Gravity Lens]

Another 'found CD':

found cd rebelution
Probably Tanya Stephens.

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Wednesday - another long day, but I went down to the boat afterwards, at dusk. She's dirty, but in good condition. I ran the diesel for 20 minutes, just to charge the batteries. Looks like my old hose is gone (good riddance to that), but the dock area is clean and safe again.

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Tuesday - a somewhat shorter day, ten hours or so, since I had things to do in the evening. I saw what I think was a Blue Heron. Big bird, Pelican sized.

 Monday 8 September 2008

Monday - back to work. A twelve hour day, with the commute down from Lancaster.

I left the FM modulator gizmo with my brother, and the tapes, so he can finish No Highway at his leisure.

Sunday 7 September 2008

Sunday - Did the wash, then some more shopping. Then I went over and watched the Forty-Niner's get pounded by Arizona. Won a quarter off my Dad, too, so it was a pretty good day!

Picture of the Week
C2 Greyhound of VNC-30 on Pt. Mugu approach
Photo Notes: Another channel bird - a C2 Greyhound of VRC-30 on Pt. Mugu approach.

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