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WEEK 39 2006

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Saturday 30 September 2006

Saturday - taking it easy, enjoying a couple days out of Lancaster.

We managed to get "Hummingbird Cam" up and running again, so there is now a fairly recent shot on the upper right of this page.

Friday 29 September 2006

Friday - up to Martinez. Traffic wasn't bad, until I hit Livermore at about 4:00 pm. Sheesh.

I finished along the way another audio book,  Book #41: A Rope - In Case, which was a good listen. It is various stories told by an englishwoman who spends years as a crofter on a Hebridean Island.  I'll have to see if I can get a couple more of her books. It looks as though I was very lucking picking up a copy for $5 at the local used book store - prices are running about $50 on line. Maybe the library has some copies?

Thursday 28 September  2006

Thursday - a couple of meetings, a little bit of work. I was hoping to put in a half day, and head north, but no go. Tomorrow, earlyish, I hope, I'm outta here.

Wednesday 27 September 2006

Wednesday - two flights. It makes for a loonngg day. And they are planning similar days for the coming weeks. Here is a shot of the F-15B/Quiet Spike, from the DFRC website (click here for more resolution), with the boom retracted, coming in for a landing.

f-15b quiet spike

I can't find any shots of the boom extended in flight, but there is a shot of the boom extended in a hangar, here. It's a long boom. The two people at lower right are engineers I work with daily.

Tuesday 26 September 2006

Tuesday - busy, and tired.

The tomato worms are destroying my plants, but I can't find them to kill them. Bah.

 Monday 25 September 2006

Monday - back to work. A co-worker called me Sunday night to let me know that the morning test flight had been postponed, so no o-dark-thirty alarm needed to be set.

We did get off the ground, in the afternoon,  and things went very well.

There didn't seem to be any Monday Night Football on this evening. Weird. I'd heard Fox and the NFL were sparring over the franchise - looks like they still haven't come to an agreement. I don't really care all that much.

Sunday 24 September 2006

Sunday - took it easy after Saturdays' exertions, watched some football and baseball (Yay Angels!), read some sci-fi.

Thus Book #40 is Dark As Day, by Charles Sheffield. It was OK, better than the Modesitt book, but rather scattered and without focus. There is a sci-fi form that essentially jumps from one character to another, so that no one person is the main protagonist - this is that sort. It works, sort of, but I find it a bit annoying. I suppose one could argue that that 'single hero' format is unrealistic - I'd agree that's true, but it's hard to get interested in the problems of a half dozen protagonists.

I went over to my brothers for another feast - bell peppers stuffed with spanish rice, pie, cookies, and mini-muffins. Life is good.

Picture of the Week
Lakeshore while climbing whitney

Photo Notes: Morning light on a small lake, near Mt. Whitney.

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