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WEEK 42 2004

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Saturday 16 October 2004

Saturday - mowed the lawns. Never fertilize in October, it just means that the grass keeps growing long after it should be nearly hibernating.

Went to watch some video's at a friend's house. First was 'The Butterfly Effect', which was a rather odd movie. Then came 'Fahrenheit/911', which is long and grotesquely slanted. From the care and work that went inito the slant one I think that one can deduce that Moore himself doesn't actually believe it, but I suppose are plenty of folk out there that will. Oh well.

Geek Alert: The Twenty Greatest Equations. (via Sheila O'Malley).

Friday 15 October 2004

Friday - whoohoo! It works! The new router/WAP that is, which I couldn't set up before. Put it in series with the old router between it and the Fujitsu DSL modem, so the old router was acting as a DHCP sever to the new router acting which in turn was acting as a client - and it, the new box, correctly detected that is was supposed to use DHCP to communicate (stupid Fujitsu DSL modem/Netgear router incompatibility) and allowed me into the new router's setup, which allowed me to make settings (the whole purpose of setup, damm you Netgear!), and save them, which in turn disables that inital boot setup. (err...sort of a run-on sentence there, sorry)

Then I unplugged the old router and plugged the new router directly to the dsl modem and voila, back in business.

Fast business. Wow. I hadn't realized just how bad that old box was.It must have been having trouble even on the 'good days' here I'll keep it around, just in case I have to do this again some day.

Thursday 14 October  2004

Thursday -- working away, trying to translate one program's output into a form that another program can read. Mostly done, though there is a nagging question about the pressure-at-infinity term.

Lileks for Senator! But why not President, so that we can all vote for him? Oh sure, he says he doesn't want to be elected, but you know how these politician's lie.

"If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve. If mailed the paychecks nevertheless, I will cash them with a heavy heart, really, the people of Minnesota deserve so much better.

On the other hand, I would have the power to truly screw with the Bounty towel people."

After all this endless talk on the war, WMD's, the deficit, rising health care costs and energy crises it's good to finally hear about an issue one can personally identify with, Bounty Towels, and understand without a graduate degree.

vote Lileks

RIP Roxanne
In other, sadder news, my friends cat, Roxanne passed away from a tumor. Roxanne was a great cat, a big furry tub of affection on four paws. She would walk over in front of you and fall over, which meant "Rub my Tummy! Some cats are paranoid suspicious characters - not Roxanne. She was a great person and it's hard to imagine her not greeting me when I
visit. So I hope maybe somewhere there are fields of catnip waiting for her, full of warm sunny spots to nap in, with the rustle of fat slow mice in the background.

Wednesday 13 October 2004

Wednesday - eh. A nice sunny day, after broken clouds yesterday. I had to turn the air on for the late afternoon, not so much for myself as for the computers. Well, just the one computer. The one with the Zalman fan runs (very quietly) in the 110's with case closed, while that with the stock Intel fan runs in the 130's even when the side is off and it's below 70 in the room. I need another Zalman I think. Or two.

Had lunch with some friends at Crazy Otto's, a nice Philly cheese steak. The kids had a dentists visit in the afternoon and we discussed the various implements they (the dentisty folk) put in one's mouth. The spit sucker is everyone's favorite - but I warned the ten year old: sometimes they run it in reverse! Ugh. Sometimes I gross myself out.

I tried watching the third presidential debate this evening, but it just wasn't very interesting. I've already made up my mind and the candidate's various repeats of lines from the first two debates and stump speeches was pretty boring. Heh. Vodkapundit was drunk-blogging and had pretty much the same experience.

Update: Most seem to be calling it for Bush. But I doubt it matters much. I suspect most of the 'undecideds' are just pretending so as to not to annoy family/friends/employers voting the other way from them, and don't feel like outright lying.

I still need to fix the router - net access is basically back to dial up speed here tonight. Heck, sometimes the boxes can't see each other on the same LAN. I may try logging on the new router in series with the old router, so that it (hopefully) realizes that DHCP is the way to go. Or try over at a friends DSL, with a different modem, maybe better luck there.

Watched Smallville. New season. Lois Lane has finally shown up. Oddly she is played by an actress that looks about five years older than the actor playing Clark Kent. The plot is rather dull and predictable apart from that. JAG's on now. Harm and the colonel are sparring again. I don't watch it often, but there is some fun dialog there sometimes. No Star Trek this evening for some reason, perhaps no new season premiere yet?

Tuesday 12 October 2004
Tuesday - not much to say, working away on things.

Monday 11 October 2004

Monday - on the road, back to Lancaster. Not a bad drive. The cats are fat and sassy.

Sunday 10 October 2004

Sunday - Decided to not drive or take BART over to San Francisco, but rather to stay home and watch the 49er's play. And, surprisingly, they won! They looked very flat for the first half, and well into the 3rd quarter, and then finally came alive, coming from behind to beat the Cardinals.

Unfortunately, later in the day the Dodger's lost out to St. Louis, and they are out of the race.

A lot of tv. Is it me or does Jared from Subway look like he may have put on a couple of pounds lately?

Picture of the Week

mystery patrol boat on SF bay

Photo Notes: Sailing on San Francisco Bay last month a couple of these patrol boats zoomed by. I can't tell who they belong to, but there is an American flag...

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