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WEEK 43 2009

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Saturday 24 October 2009
Saturday - I didn't go north to Lancaster, thinking I'd get a jump on work here in Ventura. Unfortunately I didn't feel well, and although I spent nearly six hours at the office only about two would be honestly billable.

I did install an external USB 1TB drive and start copying some data over to it - there isn't enough room on the internal drives to make a complete copy of the imagery for the OC report. Right now a 500GB drive is about $65 at Fry's, the 1TB was $79, and a 2TB was about $150.  It took hours to copy the data - USB 2.0 and Firewire have the same data transfer specification, about 400Mb/sec, but Firewire is a hardware based solution and that is pretty much the steady state while USB 2.0 is software based, and that's just the peak transfer speed.

If they'd had a Firewire1TB drive I'd have gotten it, but what we have is good enough.

I left early, feeling lousy but hoping to meet up with a friend for a visit to a haunted house after taking a nice refreshing nap - and didn't wake up until after midnight :-(

Friday 23 October 2009

Friday - the field work is progressing. The plans that we are working from are not the best, so there is a lot of field direction going on, so it's taking a lot more field time than I had hoped. The big OC report has to be done, and it's detailed spreadsheet and database and GIS stuff, hard to stop/start on a dime for only a few hours a day.

friday cat photos
My sisters cats: Lela and Roxy (as a kitten), ca. 2002.

Thursday 22 October 2009

Thursday - another long day in the field, then in the office.

Sadly our intern, J, is leaving us to go back to school. We really benefited from her organization and energy, and it'll be a quieter and more boring office with her gone.  Her brother flew down to LAX, D picked him up from there, and after we treated them dinner at a great Thai place they headed off north up the 101, hoping to stop in San Jose about midnight, then making a one day run to Seattle on Friday.

We hated to see her go; but it was sweet to see how delighted she was to see her brother, bubbling over with happiness and talk, despite about two hours sleep (school assignments done remotely & packing).

I've been having trouble sleeping myself. So, when I awake at 2am or so, I would read a chapter or two from the Sony E-reader ( I do like the book cover with the light that I bought). Thus we have Book #62, The Time Traders, by Andre Norton. Her books were always fairly short and spare, and this is no exception, only 140 pages or so. It was OK, though there wasn't much in the way of character development or hard science fiction.

They have a number of Andre Norton books there, including The Defiant Agents, which is, I think, the sequel to The Time Traders.

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Wednesday - I note that I have not keeping things up to date.

Well, it's been kind of a crazy week. Also the computer at the Ventura rental is not my laptop, but an old desktop that doesn't have any of my usual resources on it - pictures, links, etc. I have an external drive that I intend to copy this all onto, and over, if there is room on the desktops drive. It's an old box with a Dell mobo that I bought on Ebay for $15.00 or so, several years ago, with an 845 chipset, and a Celeron 2.4 (plenty of horsepower for surfing the web and writing blog posts).

With Dad gone the need to keep him up to date is also absent, but blogging is enough of a habit that I'll keep it up. Too be honest, in the last few months I had called him daily, multiple times when he seemed low or unwell, as he had pretty much lost the energy (and eyesight) to read the blog.

But, coming up on the 8 year mark, I'll probably continue to continue, with the usual insightful commentary about my cats and Los Angeles traffic.

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Tuesday - on Sunday another big task was collecting and delivering Halloween decorations for my friend Roger. We completely filled his mini-van, my Explorer, and the utility trailer. He generally takes off days of work to put his display up - it's impressive. It's hard to believe that it is nearly Halloween already.

We all went out to Thai for lunch first, feeling that we were going to earn it....

 Monday 19 October 2009

Monday - Up at 4:00am and down to Ventura. As construction manager I have to be at the site at 7:00am. It is only a few blocks from my rental in Ventura, but it makes for a long drive on Monday.

In this case we were mostly just laying out some work to be done later in the week. Unfortunately I still spent a lot more than the one or two hours I was hoping to spend there.

Sunday 18 October_2009

Sunday - the big task, besides a lot of cleanup in the garage & house, was putting some books that I brought back from Martinez into order. I cleared the bookshelf most filled with junk - the odd written flotsam and jetsam that one accumulates over the years - and put them in that. I didn't have the heart to take count, but it's in the neighborhood on 100 volumes.

The cleanup was made a little more annoying by Phoebe's peeing on the lower shelfs previous contents, earlier in the week. I noted some kitty litter on the floor, and reminded my cat sitter that it needed cleaning daily, otherwise feline annoyance would be expressed! It was mostly old papers that were damaged - college notes & copies of some old NASA papers, and I'll go through them later (ugh) to see if there is anything that needs to be kept, regardless of cat pee. I think my notes on tensors were in there, which is a pity, since I'm hoping to one day revisit them.

But the Internet has so many resources that hanging onto old notes and books is probably pointless.

I also shelved the various audio books - mostly tapes - from the trip before this last.

Picture of the Week
A sailing boat in front of Angel Island, San Francisco Bay

Photo Notes: A boat near Angel Island, July 2005

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