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WEEK 45 2018

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Saturday 10  November  2018
Saturday - A nice winters day here.  About 29F in the morning, warming into the 60's in the afternoon.  There was a substantial amount of smoke from the fires to the southwest, poor Camarillo and Malibu.  That should make the days cooler and the nights warmer.

I did chores around the house in the morning, including a quick rinse of the Explorer. I had the urge to work on the house, but common sense and other things intervened.

Then I did lunch with R&S, down at Mahli's in Palmdale.  Delicious as always.

Coming back the transmission started slipping between gears in the Explorer.  I checked and it had fluid, and the fluid didn't look bad, so maybe it's just age, about 273k miles at this point. My neighbor has some magic fluid that we can add, and I guess I could take it to a transmission specialist - since I just passed smog in August spending a thousand or so on a rebuild might be a good option - it'll get me through until 2020...

It comes at a bad time though, lots of expenses this time of year.  Oh well.

Huge fires in Malibu and in northern California, in Paradise, homes destroyed and people killed :-(.

Friday 9 November 2018
Friday - Windy. Feeling a bit ill for some reason, headache and nausea.

Read, watched TV.  Fire's are still raging around the state.

My brother had a leak upstairs in his house, which messed up his kitchen.  He had contractors working on it, but Farmer's Insurance was screwing around for over a week before agreeing that it was covered...  Insurance companies are mostly scum.  There are a few exceptions, but mostly scum.

Thursday 8 November 2018
Thursday - Very windy.

Taking the day off for the most part, very tired after 4 days of non-stop work.

Huge fires down in the Camarillo area.  Both by the 101 Fwy and the Santa Rosa Valley.  I've inspected water courses in both those areas.

I talked to TD a bit in the evening.  He took the CA-1 south, as the 101 was impassable, but said it wasn't too bad going south but that it was stopped going north.  Yikes!

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Wednesday - Nice again.

I went ahead and power-washed the soffits.  I borrowed the sprayer from someone, and only had the jet nozzle, so I had to be careful, but I think it came out OK.  I can seem some hanging paint flakes here and there, but a good brush should remove them.

It only took a couple of hours. I did the garage first, so that I could check for water penetration - that was only minimal so I felt better about the house portion proper. 

By mid afternoon the wind was coming up, but I was done.  That and the extremely dry conditions - single digit humidity - should dry things out by the weekend I should think.

I had a nice late lunch with Dr. G, and we talked a bit about STARS.  I had a little demo, but of course it wouldn't work properly...

Tuesday 6 November 2018
Tuesday - Nice weather. A bit of wind in the afternoon.

I walked over to the community center and voted in the morning.  Only about a 5 minute wait.

Still trying to get the house ready for power-washing.  Finally got everything caulked.  It should be dry (clear) tomorrow, so I'll power-wash then.

My hands hurt, but contrasting baths seem to help a LOT.

Monday 5 November 2018
Monday - Nice weather.

Working on the house, refastening trip, caulking, and so on. 

Sunday 4 November 2018
Sunday - Cool in the morning - wool shirt weather, again, for a few hours. 

I went shopping with S for a few things.  I picked up a bunch of soup, since I'll be back at the dentist in a week or so.

October 23 was the two year anniversary of my getting Budd from the Lowe's parking lot. 

"As we were loading groceries into the Explorer at WinCo a stray cat came up and started begging food.  He was a young tom, but sweet and obviously people-friendly.  He rubbed against our legs and my friend gave him some fresh sliced turkey, which he devoured instantly.  He was very thin and clearly hungry.  With only minimal effort we lured him into the Explorer, a "ttcchhh" of the tongue and a pat on the seat."

He and Jim are getting along well now...Suzy not so much.  Oh well.

I also picked up an entire box of painters caulk from Lowe's (which is next to WinCo).  I have vastly underestimated the amount of caulk I needed all along, and have been buying five or six at a time, but this should be enough to let me finish enough to proceed with washing the house.  It's much cheaper in bulk.

I had G come by and help with painting the trim around the windows.  Even in the grayish Valspar primer they look a LOT better.  The Valspar is a LOT harder to get off my hands, hopefully that translates into sticking well to old wood...

Not too much going on, I watched a little bit of football at a friends house.

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jim and suzy napping
Jim and Suzy helping me in the office with FreeCad, 2018.

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