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WEEK 51 2010

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Saturday 25 December 2010
Saturday - Merry Christmas to one and all!

Friday 24 December 2010
Friday - Concerned about the amount of rain in the last storm I went down to Ventura to check on the boat. The concern was justified - there was 7-8" of water above the floorboards. That's a lot of water - it took ten or fifteen minutes for the bilge pump to empty it all. The anti-condensation gizmo had been sitting on the floorboards and had flooded, which tripped the AGI breaker on the 110VAC circuit. For the most part there wasn't anything of real importance flooded. I reset the breakers, let the boat dry for several hours, and will dry out it more next week.

I believe I have the bilge pump set to automatic now, and taped the lazarette hatch closed, and thereby making it somewhat waterproof. Further storms are predicted, so this should help with water ingress.

It's all a bit depressing.

I stopped by a friends for a late lunch, then headed back to Lancaster in moderate to heavy traffic in the late afternoon.

Thursday 23 December 2010

Thursday - The weather has finally cleared. This had been one of the longest & steadiest rains that I can remember in Lancaster, but last night about 3am I noticed stars and a bright planet outside my window. The weather held, and it was a nice day.

I took the opportunity to CLEAN, vacuuming and dusting and picking up and throwing away. Mopping, all sorts of stuff. It sorely needed it,and needs more - I didn't even get to the upstairs.

The careful reader has probably already noted the missing President: Harrison. I haven't found any good biographies locally, but Mr. Jefferson's Hammer or Old Tippecanoe would probably do, if I can find them through interlibrary loan or something. There seem to be a number of decent Polk biographies, but of course the war with Mexico accounts for a lot of the interest.

One annoying side effect of the rain is the repeated loss of internet connectivity. As least, I think it's the rain. I have cable internet, and though I don't lose the TV signal the digital modem goes off line a couple of times a day. Very annoying. You can wait hours for it to come back on it's own, or turn it and the router off and then on again with about an 80% chance of reconnection. I suppose I need to call Time Warner.

One entertaining incident earlier this week was seeing someone find the silver lining in the flood conditions. A huge portion of the Lowe's parking lot was coned off because of flooding. One imaginative fellow brought his waters and an R/C boat, much to the amusement of shoppers!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Wednesday - I did a bit more Christmas shopping, but to be honest, I don't have that many people locally to shop for, and nephews and nieces are getting gift cards. I did go out to lunch with some friends, at a Thai place. I even had a doggie bag to take home for dinner...but left it out on the counter for hours. Gah. Soup again.

One thing I did was to go to See's with my friends and pick out my own box of chocolates - I've never done that. Since I didn't really know what stuff tastes like (terrible memory for that) I just got an assortment. But it was a fresh assortment, right? Not a stale box of stuff left over from last year.

Book #89 was John Tyler, The Accidental President, by Edward P. Crapol (...P. Crapol. Dude, your parents hated you: change your name). Tyler of course, ascended to presidency as the country's 10th president after the death of William Henry Harrison, who was only President for about a month before succumbing. He was the first Vice President to do so, and got a lot of static about it. "His Accidentcy" was a favorite of the press, this being a riff on the "His Excellency" that George Washington had liked. Tyler was embroiled with a who's who of American figures: Daniel Webster, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay,William Hart Benson, Edward Everett, John C. Calhoun and a host of others, good and bad.

Tyler is considered one of the least of the presidents, yet a lot happened in his presidency. We almost got into a war, again, with Great Britain. We recognized the Hawaiian Islands and talked the British into doing the same. We instituted trade with China, annexed Texas ( in a rather funky way - failing to get a 2/3rds majority in the Senate Tyler simply took the fact that a simple majority of the Senate & the House each approved as a constitutional "good enough"), avoided a war over Oregon, pretty  much started a war with Mexico (over Texas), and didn't have a civil war between North and South. That came two decades later, but slavery was already THE issue dividing North and South, and was the big stumbling block for the annexation of Texas.

In another first, twenty years later John Tyler also became the Traitor President, when he chose the side of Virginia in the Civil War, and died a member of that states delegation to the Confederate Congress in 1862.

Tuesday 21 December 2010
Tuesday - another 8 hours on the database scripting stuff, tracking down a fairly subtle bug. Bah.

I did get out and do some Christmas shopping. I even ventured down to the mall in Palmdale, early. Stuff wasn't too crazy at 10am.

Phoebe and Riley, wanting in from the rain....

Monday 20 December 2010

Monday -  about 8 hours on the database stuff.

Sunday 19 December_2010

Sunday - not much to say, still feeling a bit unwell. I did get a bit of Christmas shopping done.

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parade of lights, channel island harbor, 11 dec 2010
Photo Notes: Parade of Lights, Channel Island Harbor, Dec 2010.

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