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WEEK 8 2015

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Saturday 21 February 2015
Saturday - Nice and warm.

Went to yard sales and lunch with R&S. Not much else going on...

Went over again in the evening for pizza and a movie. The movie was "Mud", and was mildly interesting, though much too long for the very slight plot.

Friday 20 February 2015
Friday - A front is predicted to blow in, but right now it's warm and pleasant.

Worked on the app until late afternoon, then just kind of  ran out of gas.

Fiddled around with homework for the 2D Animation class for a bit.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Thursday - Not much to say. Working on things.

Mowed the front yard. Also edged, weed whacked, and raked. Also fixed a bad sprinkler head and watered things.

Which is my way of making sure that it really does rain this weekend.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Wednesday - Still warm.

I screwed the two plywood pieces for the tank base together, then added 2x2's at either side for additional stiffening. Then I fooled around, placing the blocks and boards in the house, laying them out for a dry run (heh) before moving the actual tank in.

Then I worked on the app some more. Mostly grind stuff, getting things orderly, commented, consistent and compact under the hood. For example, I was reading the NSUserDefaults file variables three different ways in three different routines, once using module (global-ish) variables, once with old fashioned manually synthesized variables, and once with auto-synthesized variables. All are legitimate ways, but auto-synthesis is less of a pain and easier to follow, and it's good to do it the same way each time.

And, to answer the obvious question, it didn't get done consistently to start with because the programmer (me) was cut and pasting code from other routines.

I historically used a helical model of development, going back over an initial design two or three times, making it cleaner and better each time. This is still possible in Objective-C, necessary even, but it takes a lot longer than Fortran or C.

Also I found a bug in the card shuffle routine, and fixed that...

Tuesday  17 February 2015
Tuesday - The warm spell continues...

I put both filled trash containers out. There are weeks when I don't bother, but it's kind of like spring around here, lots of stuff to toss.

The app work proceeds. The card dealing layout was easy, but I decided to implement the shuffle idea from Sunday. It worked pretty well, eventually, but there are 30 subcases...

I also spent some time cleaning stuff, mostly thumbnails, out of the Droid - I was down to 23MB of free RAM and it was causing issues. Of the 4G of static RAM on the phone only about 450M are available to the user, so it's stupid that they'd store crap like thumbnails there (particularly when it has an SD slot with a 16G card in it), but so it goes.

Monday  16 February 2015
Monday - Warm, almost hot out.

I imposed on S, bringing over an old sheet of plywood in the morning to rip for the turtle tank base. I was going to use the radial arm saw, but it'd be a bit tricky, much safer to do with two people and a table saw. But, because her saw didn't have wings, I ended up using a skil saw instead. While at it I cut a piece of MDF for the base. This was all scraps from my garage, so that helped with the bottom line.

Then I put a ground cloth down in my garage and painted the blocks and boards with some old white latex paint I had in the cabinet. I may go over it with enamel later, though it will probably be hidden by a cloth or something.

After that it was cutting up the remainder of the tree trimming and filling the big household waste container with them.

In the afternoon I did work on the app. Also I got S to go over the specs and preliminay layout and she had some changes to make, as I thought.

Sunday 15 February 2015
Sunday -Very nice weather.

Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary.

I did a bit of yard work, carefully because the shoulder still isn't 100%.  First was the cutting of  the tree trimmings from last week to more manageable lengths and filling the green waste bin. Then a trip to HD and picking up some cinder blocks.

The 18" three core blocks that I wanted for the new turtle tank base can't be found locally, at HD, Lowe's or even the local big masonry place. I settled for the nominal 16" 2 core blocks. I'll double the thickness of the tank base, to two layers (1/2") plywood to compensate for the cantilevered section.

I didn't program, my hands hurt. I did think about things and came up with a fairly nifty way to shuffle tiles around when needed.

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East Antelope Valley.
Photo Notes: East Antelope Valley.

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