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WEEK 12 2014

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Saturday 22 March 2014
Saturday - I couldn't get anyone to go to the air show with me, so headed over myself mid-morning. Unfortunately the traffic was terrible, I was able to drive to about half a mile from the airport and then traffic just ... stopped. I was on 50th, and could see Avenue G and the traffic there was also ... stopped. Eventually I just turned around and went home. It's $10 for parking and $25 for admission, and forcing the viewers to wait an hour to get in seems kind of excessive. Well, maybe next year. I wasn't crazy to go anyway, big crowds give me the heebie-jeebie's.

In the afternoon went to lunch with friends, after driving down to Leona Valley with them so that they could pay for a new engine for their Previa. Well, new to them, it's a low mileage engine from Japan, theirs is kaput. I always thought it was a little horizontally opposed engine like Subaru's had, but it's essentially a (very) slant four.

Friday 21 March 2014
Friday - Back to Lancaster. I have the "new" GPS units with me, Promark 3's, that are really kind of out of date, but newer than our old Mobile Mapper CE's, and I'll work with them a bit over the next week or so. We received the NTP on the next job, so we need to get going....

There is an air show going on at Fox Field, a big one, with the Blue Angels, but I was too tired to go. It's also taking place this Saturday, so I've called around to see if anyone wants to go with me.

The Angel's were practicing earlier in the week, and I got a few shots of them passing over near my house.

Book #14 was Storm Surge (Destroyermen #8), by Taylor Anderson. Enjoyable. Anderson is obviously maneuvering, plot wise, to expand things into an even bigger conflict. Well, I don't mind.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Thursday - OTR. Did the training in LA, drove out from Ventura in the morning with Dave and Chris, then back in the evening. I was going to drive home, but got distracted by some errands and talking over things with Dave, and realized at 8:30pm, that I was just too tired to drive back.

Another nice cool night, with a marine layer by morning. There seem to be several boats with people staying over - liveaboards, maybe? They were quiet, so I won't complain.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Wednesday - Worked on various things in the morning, then on the app in the afternoon. Down to Ventura in the evening. The boat looks OK, though it's definitely time to start the spring chores and fix-ups. Nice and cool in the evening, so I slept well. I didn't have much food onboard - just a can of spaghetti.

Tuesday 18 March 2014
Tuesday - Working away on this and that.
Been awhile since everyone's favorite: the found CD.

Monday 17 March 2014
Monday - I did a few more chores and, just as I was about to leave, heard from Dave that our GPS training was delayed until later in the week. Five minutes longer and I'd have been in the car and on the road and the phone ringer (probably) inaudible, unless I had already turned on the bluetooth. Ah well.

(Apropos of that, actually my phone set the ringer volume to zero over the weekend. After several missed calls I checked and reset it. This has happened before...)

Since my brain wasn't really in "app mode" I did some other chores, and kept myself mostly busy until lunch, which was with a friend. They said the place looked really good, nice to hear after a long weekend!

I offered AH the old lawn tractor, for free. It isn't running - the tranny seems to caught between gears, and the mower deck needs two new mandrels to hold the blade axles, the current aluminum ones are broken. He is in escrow for a new house with a large lawn - his old place was xeriscaped - and if he can get it working it'll be a help there. Of course, with three teenage boys he has lots of slave labor, still... And I'd like to get it out of my yard.

Sunday 16 March 2014
Sunday - Happy Birthday to the Blog, twelve years old this week!

A beautiful warm morning, and a rather hot day: 85-90F. My friends brought his boys over in the late morning, and we spent several hours wrestling with various yard chores. They boys will be showing up every couple of weeks to do the chores, so maybe I can make some progress on other things, improvements rather than regular maintenance (and some long delayed long-term-maintenance items).

And kept on doing various things after they left - vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and so on. I haven't felt up to a lot of that in the last few weeks and wanted to get it done this weekend since I'll be down in Ventura for a couple of days, starting Monday.

Not too much else going on. Enjoyed my Korean soap in the evening, as usual. Currently I'm working through Protect The Boss, which is amusing, if not quite as snappy as some shows.

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suzy and books 
Photo Notes: Suzy relaxing in front of the bookshelf.

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