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WEEK 13 2014

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Saturday 29 March 2014
Saturday - Another nice day, running about doing various chores.

Some friends are up in Lemoore for a birthday, and asked me to check in on their son. He was busy, doing judging at a science fair at the college, so we never got together for that hot pastrami sandwich :-(

Other than that, not much going on. Tomorrow AH's boys are coming by to do yard work, so I spent my time today cleaning up a bit in the garage. It's kind of a disaster, because there isn't enough storage space, unless one is as organized as my friends Dave and Tim. I'm just not in that league. I need to get rid of the extra wooden table, that I never use, and maybe turn it into shelves.

No one has found Malaysian Air MH370, or even debris yet. People are becoming convinced that it flew due south, into the Great Souther Ocean, thousands of miles from anywhere and crashed. There are a few ships on site fishing for wreckage, but this is some of the roughest and most remote water on the planet, it's slow going - and it's been weeks now since the aircraft's disappearance.

Book #17 was The Sword of Bheleu (Lords of Dus #3), by Lawrence Watt-Evans. Garths travails continue. The Forgotten (Yellow) King asked him to bring whatever he found on the altars of the seven gods in Dusarra. Garth pretty much destroyed the city to get the objects - a sword, a girl sacrifice, some dust. The sword turns out to be inhabited by the God of Destruction, Bheleu, and the god takes control of Garth and commits various attacks against one and sundry. What Garth didn't bring back to the Yellow King was the Book of Silence, which is what the King really wanted.

Friday 28 March 2014
Friday - We had a nice little storm blow through earlier in the week, rain and wind and cold temperatures, but that seems to be fading away. We still have haze and high clouds, but the sun is peeking through again.

Poor Suzy - this morning Hell itself opened and Beelzebub strode forth. IOW: it was time for Ed to vacuum.
  1.  Riley was "Like, Whatever, I'm napping" the whole time.
  2. Jimmy came out cautiously a few minutes after I stopped.
  3. Three hours later I was able to lure Suzy out from under the bed with a bowl of food.

Book #15 would be The Lure of the Basilisk (Lords of Dus #1), by Lawrence Watt-Evans. This is fairly light fantasy fair, though a bit dark and gloomy. Garth, a mutant "overman" from the arctic wastes wants his name to live on after him. So he consults some oracles, who send him to visit the Forgotten King in a small town. He is then set a task that indeed makes him famous, but not in a way he wants...

Book #16 was (surprise) the second book in the series, The Seven Altars of Dusarra (Lords of Dus #2). Garth continues on running errands for the Yellow King, rather against his will, beginning to suspect that the said King has some dark motives of his own, but caught up in a web of circumstance. Things proceed from bad to worse.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Thursday - Working away on various things. Sammy and Jimmy became friends, playing with each other. Jimmy will even go inside Sammy's little cage to hang out. I don't have any good pictures of them playing - they are fast and everything came out as blurs.

Suzy won't play, but she doesn't run away and will 'hang out nearby' and occasionally touch noses. Sometimes she stalks a nervous dog...

sammy and suzy
Sammy and Suzy. The dog snuck up on the furniture when I was out of the room.

All good things must end. In the evening R&C and they kids picked her up - she was very happy to see them. They all had a good time at Disneyland - the parents looked exhausted, the kids were bouncing about. Of course the parents had just driven up the I-5 from Anaheim in rush hour traffic while the kids slept....

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Wednesday - My friend helped me drop off and pick up my Explorer from Scott's. It was time for an oil change, a radiator fluid change, and a tire rotation. We dropped off Sammy at S's house, so she can 'bond' with her dogs. Heh.

We also spent a lot of time trying to register as a company with Apple. We made some progress, to the point where Apple rejected our application with an actual meaningful message, which was  to contact them. Which we did, and are waiting on the response.

A lot of the early problems were with the Apple / Dun & Bradstreet connection, D&B will give a company a business ID that Apple requires. What Apple doesn't tell you is that they need a bunch of other information to be filled in a Dun & Bradstreet, most of which you've already entered at Apple. If it isn't there - and D&B doesn't themselves require it to be, then Apple rejects your application with a terse message that doesn't actually say that. Despite calling and talking (politely) to a representative at D&B they didn't give us any Apple specific information, we had to find it in sad stories told by frustrated small business people on line.

Another piece of information Apple doesn't tell you: after 3 trials you are locked out from applying. There is no message to that effect either, you have to learn it the hard way.

Anyway, things are proceeding, but a number of people on line  report that it can take, literally, months.

Every time I deal with Apple I am reminded of Lily Tomlin's old skit on Laugh In, as the operator Ernestine at the phone company: "We don't care, we don't have to...we're the phone company".

Is it any wonder Android is eating their lunch?

The dog and cats are getting along better. Riley has enough presence to terrify her, and Suzy stays up and away. But Jimmy is coming around, and thinks he may just want to play with her...

Suzy, checking things out from a safe location.

Tuesday 25 March 2014
Tuesday - Working away on this and that.

A friend called, and asked if I can watch their dogs for a couple of days while they go to Disneyland with their kids. I was happy to oblige, and they dropped of Sammy and various bits of paraphernalia for dealing with her. She's probably 15 pounds, and very sweet, and very concerned at being abandoned in a strange place, with a strange human, and three small very strange smelling and very hissy dogs.

The cats, in turn, were rather surprised and somewhat concerned. But they've had visits from dogs before - I had Angel for a couple of weeks - and ventured downstairs within a few hours, hissing at the poor caged critter (caged for her protection, by the way).

Jimmy stalking a concerned Samantha inside her pen.

Monday 24 March 2014
Monday - Helped a friend drop off and pick up their car from the mechanic.

Other than that spent most of the day on app business stuff - getting the DNS servers pointed correctly, getting a hosting company, trying to get through Apple's annoying sign up procedure. We didn't succeed, despite spending most of the day it. Well, we'll just have to proceed forward in a few days.

Sunday 23 March 2014
Sunday - Working away on this and that.

We went to see Hair at the LPAC. Amusing, but kind of dated, and, despite the three songs that made it to the big time, IMO one of the lesser rock musicals  The songs don't compare to those in Tommy or Jesus Christ Superstar.

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blue angel 
Photo Notes: Blue Angel #2.

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