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WEEK 13 2012

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Saturday 31 March 2012
Saturday - Not much going on. Went out to yard sales & lunch with friends.

Friday 30 March 2012
Friday - Working away on the animation portions of the O-C stuff. Lunch with friends at Famous Dave's BBQ. We though we had a half price coupon, but realized on the way there that it was for the wrong day...we went anyway!

"I Want Attention Human. Now. Forget the Mouse."

Thursday 29 March 2012

Thursday - The Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the constitutionality of the health care mandates this week. Both liberal and conservative pundits agree that the conservatives presented themselves better, and now the Obamacare opponents are high-fiving each other. But, I suspect it may not matter. The heart of the entire matter, after you get past the tap dancing by lawyers, is the reach of federal power under the interstate commerce clause. In Gonzales vs. Raich the court refused to put a limit to that reach, and there really isn't any reason to think they'd do so now.

#1 His Majesty's Dragon: Temeraire #1
#2 Throne of Jade: Temeraire #2
#3 Black Powder War: Temeraire #3
#4 Hitch-22
#5 The Wave: In Pursuit of the ... of the Ocean
#6 Empire of Ivory, Temeraire Book #4
#7 Victory of Eagles, Temeraire #5
#8 Tongues of Serpents: Temeraire #6
#9 Return to Dakistee
#10 Villains Inc, Episode Four: Endgame
#11 The Innocence of Father Brown
#12 How Firm a Foundation
#13 Death on an Autumn River
#14 Westerly Gales
#15 The Cruise of the Albatros
#16 A Larger Universe
#17 Neptune's Inferno
#18 The Man Who Knew Too Much
#19 Sweet Silver Blues
#20 Bitter Gold Hearts
#21 Cold Copper Tears
#22 Old Tin Sorrows
#23 Dread Brass Shadows
#24 The Hunger Games
#25 Catching Fire
#26 Deadly Quicksilver Lies
#27 Red Iron Nights
#28 Petty Pewter Gods
#29 Whispering Nickel Idols
#30 Angry Lead Skies
#31 Gilded Latten Bones
#32 Scholar
#33 Programming in Objective-C
#34 Temeraire: Crucible of Gold
#35 Into the Hinterlands
#36 Pandora's Legions
#37 Shadows in Flight
#38 A Rising Thunder
#39 Beginning IOS Game Development
#40 Timeless

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Wednesday  - Working away at the OC stuff, into the graphics now. I think one of the reasons that IDE's like Xcode are so popular is because the languages are so verbose and cryptic. Too many special characters. Too many linkages between separate things. It isn't particularly hard, but it does take time.

I found an old bookmark, from Op Amp books. Back in the day it was a favorite place to troll for books. My copy of Bisplinghoff's Aeroelasticity was found there, long before it was finally reprinted.

Down at the bottom it mentions a dial-up phone number, available to those high-tech users with a cutting edge 14.4K modem, using IBM PC/ANSI mode...

Still around.

It's been years since a visit, but they are apparently still around and selling new and used stuff. And they have a web site on the internet, rather than being a direct dial in, Much like this blog, their web site looks like it was designed in the early 2000's.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Tuesday - Working away on this and that. Had lunch out with a friend (hot dogs at Costco).


Monday 26 March 2012

Monday - The storm has passed through, the grass is growing green and the trees in back are starting to bloom. Nice.

Working away on that O-C stuff. Pretty much finished the 2nd book, and will now have to actually implement some of this stuff, always harder than you think.

I'll also have to work my way through the Apple company maze of certification and provisioning for developer's.

Book #39 was, therefore, Beginning IOS Game Development, by Patrick Alessi. I'd give it a C+, compared to an A for Kochan's book. Not bad, but could use some work and the presentation - online PDF - was pretty bad.

Book #40 was Timeless, by Gail Carriger. This is the fifth (and last) in her Parasol Protectorate series. Eh. From an inventive start the series has kind of faded away into a romance novel with steampunk elements. Oh well.

Sunday 25 March 2012

Sunday - Stormy weather, again. A good downpour. The cat was not impressed.

The other day I had downloaded something on my Kindle, and then realized today that it wasn't showing up in the Kindle App on the Ipad. After fooling about trying to sync it to the cloud and such I noticed that it (the app) was tagged for an update. After updating the app the sync worked. So, did it not sync because an update was present for the Ipad, or did Amazon write an update for the Ipad because Kindle's weren't syncing properly? Or both?

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sailboat,  the channel islands harbor
Photo Notes: Sailboat at sundown, Channel Islands Harbor, 2012.

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