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sailing the NorSea


WEEK 14 2012

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Saturday 7 April 2012
Saturday -

Friday 6 April 2012
Friday - Off to San Diego for the weekend, no posting until I get back...

Thursday 5 April 2012

Thursday - Not much to say, working away on stuff. The lawn needs mowing again, hopefully I can get to it before tomorrow.

My main goal with the Irish Rover thing is to turn it into something that haunts the internet for years. A good hoax is always a great thing. Think of the Drakes Brass Plate Hoax from California. It was an "in" joke that got out of control, and was picked up as authentic for decades.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Wednesday  - I see that the stupid dotted lines have reappeared around the border of the blog page here. It's a flag up in the body section, setting a dash. If I remove it Kompozer immediately puts it back. I hate s/w that thinks it smarter than me.

It is warmish, for April, and windy. Gusting into the 30's. Not much going on, really.

Book #41 was Surrender to the Will of the Night, by Glen Cook. Third in his Instrumentality of the Night series. OK, it didn't grab me, but definitely a journeyman effort. It's a complicated world he's come up with - think of Europe and the Middle East during one of the Crusades, very complicated politics and religious strife. It'd be nice to have a map of the world he's created, but he doesn't have any. Over at SFSite there was an interview, and part of it went like this:

You seem to eschew maps for your books. Why?

Maps set boundaries. And people complain about how bad they are.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Tuesday - Just working away on stuff. Not much to say.

Reading - well, I've been going back over the two IOS books I mentioned, and dipping into a couple of others - Matt Neuburg's Programming IOS 5 and Erica Sadun's The iPhone Developers Cookbook. None of them really grab me, but then I'm in the peculiar position of having written graphics and interfaces before in a very different environment. The way IOS handles viewports and drawing is even weirder than the old Windows or OpenGL stuff. There are actually six different ways to draw stuff, with weird differences: UIView and UIImageView for instance (heh) do similar, but not identical stuff. One handles animation, the other doesn't, for example.

Sci-Fi books: I've Glen Cook's latest in the Instrumentalities of the Night series, but it's been so long since I read the first couple of books in the series that I'm re-reading The Tyranny of the Night and Lord of the Silent Kingdom. And, as you know, no points for that! Oddly, despite the titles, the horrific demons don't really play that big a part in the books, it's mostly battles and behind-the-scenes maneuvering for power among the humans. Similar to his Black Company series in tone, if not setting.

Monday 2 April 2012

Monday - Working away on IOS code and animations. After a bit of fiddling I got the transparent GIFs to work. For some reason the PNG files don't seem to work for me, some mismatch between PSP7 and Xcode? Probably I'm just not setting the transparent layer properly. Not much else to say. It feels a bit brutal when 8 hours go by and all you have are a few hen scratches moving around on the simulator. But, the longest journey starts with a single step. View controllers are very important for this sort of stuff, you essentially draw into a view, and you can pick up touches from a particular view as well.

A friend did come by, around lunch, and we planted some tomato plants that she bought. It's not quite the 15th of April, the last frost day, but it's pretty close. The last storm was pretty warm. I re-attached the drip system, so they should get lots of water for now.

The lawns already need mowing. It hasn't been two weeks yet, I don't think. Gah. Lots and lots of dandelions, too.

Sunday 1 April 2012

Sunday - Stormy weather, again. A good downpour. The cat was not impressed. A repeat of last week, a front passing through.

The Ipad has become my preferred platform for idle browsing on the web. It is easy to pick up and watch when TV or a video gets too repetitive or there is a long commercial break (baseball, are you listening?).

On this day in 1831 the Irish Rover made her first voyage.


irish rover true story



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small stream
Photo Notes: Small stream, 2009.

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