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WEEK 14 2010

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Saturday 10 April 2010
Saturday - working. My left shoulder is starting to ache. I need to not sleep on the settee berth, because that pretty much forces me the lay on my left side, and that aggravates the old ski injury.

Book #23 was Flinx Transcendent, by Alan Dean Foster. The umpteenth book in the Flinx series, in this book our mutant hero once again saves the entire universe. Eh.

I haven't read any of these in a decade or more, I think they come out yearly.

Friday 9 April 2010
Friday - still working. Staying on the boat. It's been pretty quiet, not too much noise from the apartments.
Bungie by the fridge
Bungie, enjoying the waste heat from the fridge...

Thursday 8 April 2010

Thursday - working.

Wednesday 7 April 2010

Wednesday - working.

Somebody asked, so, yes - I did feel the earthquake the other day. It was long, a roller, and the blinds swung several inches in the office where Dave and I were working. Nothing more, really. I think it felt a lot like Northridge did from Lancaster - we were fortunate that it was not in populous San Diego county.

Tuesday 6 Spril 2010

Tuesday - Working. Looking at pipe flow, and some more scripting, and some spreadsheet analysis for another task.

Back at the boat I at first thought someone had left a hose running on the dock as there was a continual sound of splashing. But it was fish jumping, same as last week, but much more vigorously. The Pelicans were there to feed on them as well. This was about 9 o'clock, well after dark. By 10:00 the fuss had diminished to almost nothing.

I have to go back to Lancaster, tomorrow, to see if I can get out of jury selection for a few weeks, while I try to finish all this other stuff up.

Monday 5 Spril 2010

Monday - got sucked back into an older job, finishing up some data, writing scripts to locate some features and defects that had no GPS coordinates associated with them.

Sadly they are ripping out the windbreak of old Eucalyptus that ran along the 101 Freeway between Oxnard and Camarillo. It's too bad, they were a nice relief from the vista of mini-malls and car lots. Perhaps they are going to widen the freeway from three lanes?

Sunday 4 April_2010

Sunday - working on some drawings and specs, down in Ventura.

I finished Book #22, The Wiz Biz. by Rick Cook. Much like the others, last of a series of five of these wizardry/programming books. Enjoyable, if light. This one had quotes from our Earth on the consulting business, and the chapters show the application of the same scams in a medieval fantasy world.

Picture of the Week
Alert, an old Coast Guard Cutter at pierside

Photo NotesThe Alert, an old Coast Guard cutter, at anchor.

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