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WEEK 15 2010

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Saturday 17 April 2010
Saturday - a few more days and we'll hopefully be done with the current project. We have to design and specify a bunch of repairs, then get them drafted, then review and correct the specs and drawings. Rinse and repeat until perfect or time runs out (Monday).

When I get back to Lancaster I need to order that zoom lens for next month's trip to Florida. I didn't want to order until I was likely to be home when it would be delivered. Which should be next week. When I get it I'll probably make up that barrel protection/hand hold.

So...I wonder if they consider a camera dangerous? I would really rather not put it in my checked luggage.

I need to get a bigger CF card to replace the minuscule 1GB that is in there now - the Rebel Xt can use up to 8GB, it's a camera limit. Later versions of the camera can go to 32GB and beyond. I think the later Rebels are now up to 16 or 18 megapixels, so they really need the space.

Friday 16 April 2010
Friday - back at work - my taxes are filed, time to make more money for our elected representatives to spend!

Actually we've a government analogous to the 'fractional reserve' banking system, call it a 'fractional tax base' government - nowadays they spend 2X was the taxpayer sends them.

friday cat photos
My sister's cat, Chip, enjoying the Calla Lillies.

Thursday 15 April 2010

Thursday - dropped my taxes into the mailbox. Bah.

Some people also celebrate this as "Buy a gun!" day - maybe I should do the same.

Up to Lancaster in mid-afternoon. The stay on the boat has been fun, but gets a bit old after a couple of weeks!

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Wednesday - working. I would love to go sailing, rather than just living aboard, but there is no time, no time. Soon.

There was a visit with a client, about some rationalization of their myriad of databases. They have too many, but it's going to be a task to settle on which to keep, and which to toss. 

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Tuesday - my sister has reached the point where she wants to start painting my father's old study. The problem is that it has an old acoustic ceiling, sprayed on in the 1970's or 1980's. After the kids had left the house anyway. I was fairly indifferent, just thinking we'd scrape it off with a putty knife.

The internet says that a lot of the early ceilings were asbestos compounds, so your legal options are
  1.  do it yourself.
  2. hire a company licensed for asbestos removal to do it.
Hiring anybody else - family members or those guys' hanging around outside Home Depot, is a no-no.

It's fairly easy to do yourself, a squirt bottle of water, a putty knife, and a good breather mask, but I asked her to wait until I can get up there.

Monday 12 April 2010

Monday - working.

I have, very slowly, been working my way through a biography of Harrison and Tyler. It's pretty dry stuff and I've been too tired and had to little time to finish it -  and now the library refuses to renew it ;-) I'll have to renew, then check it out again.

A quick note: Since Harrison died about a month after taking office it's mostly about Tyler.

Like most of the biographies the president is praised for expanding the scope and power of the executive office.

There was a lot contention that the president should essentially be a rubber stamp for Congress in the first few decades of the country. The "Imperial Presidency" (a term coined for Nixon - but his successor's have taken more even more power) is the result of more than two centuries of power centralizing in a singe individual.

Sunday 11 April_2010

Sunday - I would like to have gone to Space Access, but once again was too busy. It'd be awesome.

Actually, there are a number of aerospace related events I'd like to experience- kind of a "bucket list" I guess, though that's a bit morbid.
Well, there is still time for the last two this year!

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Balboa Park, San Diego, Ca.

Photo NotesA beautifully ornate building in Balboa Park, San Diego, Ca.

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