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WEEK 15 2009

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Saturday 11 April 2009
Saturday - I really didn't do much. TIVO day, for the most part.

Friday 10 April 2009

Friday - another ten hours in the channel, then home to Lancaster. I'm looking forward to a couple of lazy days at home. I considered spending the weekend in Ventura, but now that there are two more roommates it is a lot noisier at the rental. And I really do want to lay on the couch and not do much.

Kind of a slow day, as my county help has disappeared, again. Well, it's nothing new and I do like working by myself - but it's slower.

I was up near a debris basin (sort of a small earthen dam) that was nearly full of silt, and full of brush and wildlife. Birdsong that I hadn't heard before. And hawks were flying over, giving that eerie piercing cry, trying to spook their prey. Neat stuff.

It sprinkled occasionally, but not enough to quit early, and was generally an cool and enjoyable day.

Thursday 9 April 2009

Thursday - back at work. I met the boss in the evening - dinner at Presto Pasta - and discussed the work time line. Things are going OK.

A screen shot from the channel inspection, labeled by my sister as 'The Shadow Knows'. Heh. But I dunno, maybe it has more of an Indiana Jones vibe to it-

The Shadow Knows

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Wednesday - Megan McArdle over at the Atlantic, has an article that linked to a slide show about stock indices. What struck me about the S&P index, shown in the lifted jpeg below for the last 140 years, is that we seem to be looking at random but normal variation.

Can't be, though - the media has been telling us it's the end of the world for months...


Tuesday 7 April 2009

Tuesday - back on the road, late, to Lancaster. Left at 4:00, got in just before midnight. A big detour to the 99 - apparently there was a huge multi-car pileup on the I-5, shutting it down. It rained, off and on, all the way down. Heaviest at the very start, in the bay area.

I had 25  cents on the Milwaukee Brewers, but they let me down, costing me a quarter to Dad. Stupid town - I don't drink beer from there, why would I want to bet on them?

 Monday 6 April 2009

Monday - doing yard work and running out for various errands. During one people kept smiling at me. Weird. I mean, one or two, but there were about three in a row. Was it some sort of 'happy wave' emanating from me? Because I didn't feel particularly happy (or mad), just preoccupied with finding something.

Yes, I checked my fly.

I was going to leave for SoCal, but since they are predicting a storm I'll just take the enforced rain delay.

Book #14 was Bill Bryson's Shakespeare: The World as a Stage. Essentially it a short book recounting what is know about William Shakespeare. There isn't much - almost nothing in his own hand, little beyond a signature (abbreviated) on a few court documents here and there. Lot's of speculation and wild theories that Bryson gives short shrift.

Sunday 5 April 2009

Sunday - I spent most of the day helping my sister collect a (free) refrigerator from Patterson. It was about 85 miles, one way, from there to Fremont, and then there was the traveling down to Fremont, finding and collecting the U-haul in Patterson, manhandling it down stairs and into the truck, and the manhandling and removal of the old fridge, and installation of the new in Fremont. But it got done.

I won a quarter off Dad yesterday, in a pre-season game. It never fails to profit, betting against the Oakland A's. Real baseball starts tomorrow though, I think.

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Squirrel & Orange
Photo Notes: Squirrel & Orange.

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