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WEEK 16 2009

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Saturday 18 April 2009
Saturday - worked in the morning, polishing off a good length of channel. Fortunately it was in the shade - it was starting to get pretty warm by early afternoon.

In the late afternoon there was an Indian (as in India) festival in Thousand Oaks, which I attended. Pretty neat. It was a fund raiser for a charity, so the ticket money went to a good cause.

Friday 17 April 2009

Friday - working away.

Phoebe isn't the only critter who knows where to find the morning sun-

Sun, cushion and blanket - what more could a dog want?

Thursday 16 April 2009

Thursday - I've a quarter on tonight's game between the Dodgers and Giants, with Dad. The Dodgers are winning but I don't know that I can stay up much longer - it was a long day, and a late night yesterday.

I think I've mentioned Zac Sunderland, the young man sailing around the world, who has a web site: Zacs Blog. He met another circumnavigator, Natasza Caban, who also has a blog - some of which is in English (she is Polish). They both seem to spend a lot of time avoiding big ships.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Wednesday - Book #15 is done, The Precipice*, by Ben Bova. This is in the same universe as last years Moonrise, and moved along pretty well. A better book I think, at least I enjoyed it more. The plot is somewhat hackneyed - a repressive Earth, despite desperate woes, blocks the development of space, a lone wolf builds a fusion powered ship to explore and exploit the asteroid belt while an evil competitor conspires to kill him and take over the ship, the pretty girl, and the asteroid belt.

Worked all day, helped the boss move the office in the evening. Cool, even cold weather.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Tuesday - ducklings are about. Cute things, chugging along in the channels with their mothers and (I suppose) fathers.

Well, I made all my SEP-IRA contributions, and they all say "pending", which is sort of nerve racking. If they don't say "completed" by tomorrow will the IRS come after me? Why does it take days to transfer a few measly bucks electronically? This is the 21st century, not the 19th.

It's been suggested that it is no accident that tax day and election day are about as far apart as they can possibly be.

 Monday 13 April 2009

Monday - back to work. Not quite 3000', but I had to leave early to get to the bank.

It's funny, Peg - dads dog - has always hated (desired?) squirrels, but when the little guy in the picture below sits and eats, just a few feet away, she just watches., rather than frothing and breaking through the glass.

Well, watches and drools a bit- look at the slime on the window.

Sunday 12 April 2009

Sunday - got busy with chores. Writing out checks for the tax man, figuring out retirement funding, stuff like that. Groceries, gas for the Explorer, laundry and basic chores. I didn't do much around the house.

No haircut - my barber was out, and no new straw hat because Walmart had none and Big 5 was closed. For the holiday, I presume.

OK,  I did try out the Kyocera router, again. Best reception seems to be upstairs, in the north facing master bedroom, averaging 650Kbps, versus about 240Kbps downstairs near the south facing window where I currently have it. So, maybe I'll move it. Right now it's hardwired into the downstairs PC's and TIVO. Works...OK...not stellarly fast.

I was invited to Easter dinner with some friends, T and her mother. We had a delicious ham and fixings, cheesecake and stimulating company. It was very kind of them to invite a stranger over for a holiday meal.

Picture of the Week
Squirrel and bird food feeder
Photo Notes: Squirrel eating the bird food.

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