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WEEK 14 2009

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Saturday 4 April 2009
Saturday - up at Dads' place. K and my niece Jessie are visiting as well.

I finished Book #13 - Crusade: Destroyermen, Book II by Taylor Anderson. It's of the 'military force transported to an alternate universe' genre. In this case it's an couple of old 'four-stacker' destroyers in the opening days of WWII that gets transported by a mysterious squall to an alternate universe replete with friendly 'lemurians' (actually descended from lemurs!), an evil reptilian race, and a world replete with vicious dinosaurs & piranha like fish. It's an OK read, and doesn't shy away from the problems of re-supply, fueling, re-armament that such a vessel would encounter. Not great reading, but OK.

I haven't read Into The Storm, Book I   or  Maelstrom, Book III, but will keep my eyes open for them at the various libraries I belong to.

Friday 3 April 2009

Friday - on the road, up to Dad's place.

I tried to buy gas at the local Chevron, but their credit card reader was broken again. Guess I'll stop going there, I'd say the chances or getting a working pump are now down below 50%. It's bad enough paying top dollar, but adding the annoyance of having to walk inside to pay for gas, after standing behind some gap toothed moron buying beer, or a tattooed punk paying for their smokes in pennies is just too much.

I had enough to get me to Bakersfield, so I bought gas there.

When I got to Dad's I found that my sister K was going to visit. I hadn't seen her in a few months, Thanksgiving perhaps.

Phoebe in the early morning sun
Phoebe, soaking up morning sun.

Thursday 2 April 2009

Thursday - put in a days work, then headed up to Lancaster in the evening. I'd hoped to leave earlier than I did, but works takes as long as it takes sometimes.

I found a scared German Shepherd in the channel today. It's 9,000 feet long, concrete with 6' high walls and he couldn't get out. He was too frightened to come close so I finally called the local animal control. He seemed to have a collar and tags, so it was a helpful act, not certain death. I could see them up the channel corralling him, and I hope a grateful owner promptly rescued him from doggie lockup.

This is the second dog in about a week. Last week it was a nice lab/retriever happily trotting down the center of a busy bridge. He came when called and his owner's number was on his tag, and promptly picked him up. Apparently  'Blackie' knows where his owners place of work is, and, when he can get free, happily trots across town to visit him at the workplace. Amusing, but dangerous.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Wednesday - working in the office, using Manifold to plot up the data. I'm neither a surveyor or GIS person, so I've warned them that it's a pretty rough job, but it seems that there is a time crunch and they needed the plots now. So I did it. Mostly by badgering people (Sergio) who actually know how to use GIS - thank god for cell phones.

Tuesday 31 March 2009

Tuesday - 'The Natural History of Cars". I wondered about this myself, the other day when I caught most of the movie on teevee. Where are the people? What happened to the people?

 Monday 30 March 2009

Monday - back at work. The 'rash' from last week - poison oak. Arrgghhh. The guy I'm working with now is from the mitigation office, and he knows what the bad stuff looks like in early spring, when it mostly just looks like generic ground foliage. It's not yet red and obvious, and there are stalks of itchy not-yet-leafed-out stuff about. Yuck. It's been years - maybe decades - since I had this stuff.

"Hey Steve, you lead."

Too late for me, my hands are pretty blistered from last week. Now I'm wearing gloves and am being more careful.

Wondering about life, the big, unresolved questions? Me too. But now there is Googlefight!

Sunday 29 March 2009

Sunday - I drove down to San Pedro for some tutorials in using Manifold. It's a really cool GIS program, with a large number of buttons that do various mysterious things.

I'm supposed to use it to plot weeds.

Then back up to Ventura.

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Squirrel & Orange
Photo Notes: Squirrel & Orange.

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