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WEEK 14 2006

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Saturday 8 April 2006

Saturday - slept in. Well, as much as the cats would let me. Midmorning I let them out for an hour or so to graze, then mowed the lawn - the back is feeling better, just some occasional twinges. Then I took a nice long walk - six miles or so.

I talked to my friend Dave - we're on for Mt. Whitney on September 4 it seems, and we want to do the Lost Coast Trail before that, probably in July.

I found the instruction manual for the Zen Micro, so maybe I can transfer my legally downloaded tracks...

Friday 7 April 2006

Friday - Book #18 is StormChild, by Bernard Cornwell. Not too bad - a little uneven and forced in places. Wow, it looks like the first book I've read since the 21st of March, but actually there were a few books I re-read in the meantime, easy Sci-Fi stuff I  read while sick/avoiding taxes, that I won't count here {Anthony's Macroscope, Aikens' World Well Lost, Zelazny's Roadmarks , Cook's The Dragon Never Sleeps).

Worked late again today, and stopped at the Albertson's in Rosamond, as the Von's near my house now closes at 7pm. There's an Albertson's in Lancaster on the way home, but since one has to turn left across traffic to get in and out I thought I'd try the other. Not bad, but they didn't have enough checkers on duty. I picked up the B's: Bread, butter, bagels & beer...

Here is a pic of the sun going down, due west, on this years spring equinox, via the camera phone.

Sunset, spring equinox

Thursday 6 April  2006

Thursday - another 12 hour day. Two separate people mentioned they were job hunting. The sysadmin had a price quote for a 76GB hard drive, for $4000. Apparently it's made of diamond and gold. Sheesh., despite their home page, does not have a parallel version available for their flutter solver.

My brother sent me some good pics from our little sailing adventure - you'll probably see a couple in the next few weeks.

Wednesday 5 April 2006

Wednesday - worked 12 hours, not a lot to say. Except that my hands hurt...

Tuesday 4 April 2006

Tuesday - I've decided it is "Links Tuesday". Beats writing about the cats and the weather.

Link #1: What really goes on inside your computer. [via parkwayreststop]

Link #2If you were to dig a hole from where you are standing all the way through the center of the Earth, where would you end up? [ via Electric Venom]

Link #3: " a parent you grow immune to the minor noises."  Yay, Tony Woodlief's back.

Link #4: "impact resistant doors for seal clubbing". Yes indeedy, the idiots marketing folk at Chevrolet are hosting user-captioned videos for their SUV's... [via bamapachyderm]

Link #5:
"People with Tourette Syndrome..." Can you guess the rest of this sentence?

 Monday 3 April 2006

Monday - tax day. Well, I do get something back, but only due to the huge medical bill for hand therapy that I paid last year. So it goes.

I stopped by the 'Friends of the Library' sale and picked up a few books, just math unix stuff. I really wasn't up to it - I had a headache, a backache, and spent the day doing taxes.

What a day, it was like a Snakes on a Plane kind of day, man, like Snakes on a Plane!

snakes on a plane

Sunday 2 April 2006

Sunday - working on the taxes, not a lot to say. My records are scattershot, so it's more work than it should be. I've only myself to blame.

Went out to the park for a quick walk.

Picture of the Week

shadows of the carquinez straits bridge

Photo Notes: I may have put something like this up before, but I like it. It's the shadow of one of the three Carquinez Strait bridge's on the heights near the river. We don't have much in the way of monumental statuary in the this country,  but sometimes, unintentionally, you get a glimpse of glorious size and space.

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