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WEEK 13 2006

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Saturday 1 April 2006

Saturday - it was raining in the morning, but cleared up a bit in the afternoon. I was trying to assemble my tax records, but when you hate something it's easy to get distracted.

And I still can't seem to get my financial records downloaded from the credit union. Bah.

I need to get the beowulf cluster off the kitchen table first, for example. The cases, the network cables and associated ethernet switch, the kvm switch and it's wires, the power, etc.

I made another effort to get a licensed, downloaded piece of audio from transferred to the music player - L.A. County has some sort of agreement with them. Actually I attempted putting it on both music players - the Zen and the XV6600 - and failed both times.

Bah. No wonder the kids pirate music, it has to be easier than this.

At least it got as far as the laptop this time, that's an improvement.

Friday 31 March 2006

Friday - another long day. I have to make up for Monday, so it's a good thing...

Friday cat blogging:
Theo in front of the fire
My brothers' cat, Theo, via the camera-phone.

Thursday 30 March  2006

Thursday - not much to say, working away at things. I do need to get receipts in order for doing my taxes. How I hate doing taxes...

Book #18 is A Princess of Roumania, by Paul Park. It's a YA (young adult) book, a fantasy, but pretty well done. It's an alternate history book, but not military sci-fi as so many are. It's written in a subdued tone, which seems to have annoyed some readers who are looking for a flashy fast read. I checked it out of the library because I'd heard it was good, hadn't heard it was YA, and it was something to read Sunday and Monday while sick, so everything worked out well. Amazon quotes the Publisher's Weekly review, which I in turn quote, in part:

In an alternate 18th-century world where England's been swamped by a tidal wave, America teems with blond savages and "Roumania" and Germany battle for European domination, a magic book concocted by conjuress Aegypta Schenck sends young Miranda Popescu, the "white tyger" descendant of ancient royalty and Roumania's hope of freedom from "black tyranny," to Massachusetts to escape the fiendish Baroness Nicola Ceausescu and the heinous elector of Ratisbon.

Some people believe all science fiction is young adult, but they're wrong.


Wednesday 29 March 2006

Wednesday - not so long a work day, I'm just not up to it. It looks as though I may have a bit more time to do my aero analysis, and to do it with a nice panel code (ZAERO) instead of the DATCOM or Hoerner. Which is cool too. Since we'd need a ZAERO model anyway, if a flutter analysis needs to be done later...

A co-worker brought her infant in to work - a cute little bug. But she won't be back for some time to come which means more work for everyone else. Good news, if you're a contractor like me :-)

The weather continues weird. Warm, then cold, then windy, then calm, then rain, and repeat... A big rainstorm last night - one reason I worked late was a reluctance to walk several hundred yards in a downpour. I was going to go home and read Mil-specs, much better to do it while staying dry and getting paid at the same time!

But I did discover that my favorite grocery store now closes at 7pm, not at midnight as I thought it did. Hmmm.

Tuesday 28 March 2006

Tuesday - back at work. About a twelve hour day. I've been co-opted for a quick analysis that needs to be done in a week. It looks fun - or a least different from the usual bit wrangling that makes up my day.

I see my tax accountant next week - I really need to get my receipts in order...

 Monday 27 March 2006

Monday - out sick.

Sunday 26 March 2006

Sunday - went to the Home & Garden show at the fairgrounds. It was a bit disappointing as apparently they dropped the 'Garden' portion. There were a few small exhibits by people and vendors who didn't get the word, but if you were looking for yard improvement booths and seminars you were out of luck.

I wasn't feeling too good, so didn't do much else.

Picture of the Week

Phoebe hunting finches in the snow

Photo Notes: Phoebe is convinced that he is a great hunter. Here he is, blending in with the snow, hunting finches. Note the snow on his right foot - both cats were "high stepping" because of the powder, but still glad to be outdoors.

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