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WEEK 14 2011

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Saturday 9 April 2011
Saturday - I did it, turned down printed matter! A friend called and said that they'd found a gazillion Popular Mechanics from the 1960's at a yard sale, and did I want to buy them for only $10? And I said no. That I had no shelf space (true), and that I had no time (also true).

Yay for me.

Though the covers would make great blog fodder...


I'd had a discussion with someone a while back, about various issues. It almost degenerated into an argument, so I just let the discussion peter out, eventually. I won't name names, the other side of the discussion being a person of good heart and good intention, but this little flowchart on Our Discussion pretty much hits things on the head.

It was a little bit like trying to nail jello to the wall, no rebuttal, argument, or evidence of mine was accepted and whenever I seemed to be "winning" the topic would just shift to another thing. It's been bothering me ever since.

Ah well. That person probably feels that I violated the terms.

Friday 8 April 2011
Friday -  I thought that there was an LPAC performance, but it's tomorrow. I spent most of the day doing various small chores, the biggest of which was tackling a clean up of the garage. I filled the trash bin. I am trying to stay off the foot, but there are so many things to do...

I had to clean up, because I couldn't find some tools - I'm setting aside some stuff I might need up in Martinez next week. Sawhorses, Sawzall, long ladder, stuff like that; all to be loaded on the trailer.

It's cold and windy - they are predicting snow on the valley floor tonight! I called a friend and suggested they cover their tomato seedlings.

The boss called, and the client looked at the drawings that we spent all that effort on ... and didn't like the font. Since we got the original drawings from them I think they'll have to bear the added costs of changing stuff like that. As far as I know they are happy with the content.

Book #34 was Outies, by Jennifer Pournelle. Jerry Pournelle created an interesting future history in The Mote in Gods Eye and The Gripping Hand. His daughter wrote this sequel, and it's well done. She doesn't write in the same style as her father, and as a few reviewers note, there are a few too many characters, but overall it's a good effort with good writing, plotting, characterization, and well worth reading. And, only $2.99 on the Kindle!!

Thursday 7 April 2011

Thursday - some work in the morning, then back to Lancaster in mid afternoon. Heavy traffic, for some reason. Not as bad as last week.

Feeling just terrible, these late night marathons just trash me these days.

I didn't get to varnishing inside the boat. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to put a couple of coats on, without sanding in between (3-4 hours), and there just wasn't time to do it. Also I need to clean things with a tack rag, and have a calm day to do the coating and re coating in.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Wednesday - down in Ventura. Worked very late.

I bought a used kayak. It's a plastic sit-on-top, and a little scuffed up, but it should be adequate for paddling about the marina. I'm hoping that I can get some decent exercise that way  - I've gained a lot of weight this year, and being unable to walk far isn't helping take any of it off.

I didn't water test it first, normally I would, but had to get to work. It looked OK and I imagine any small leaks I can patch.

We worked until midnight on redlining and redrawing stuff, and while we didn't finish we made a good start on it.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Tuesday - down to Ventura.

Monday 4 April 2011

Monday - Trying to do everything in a single visit, so I didn't go down to Ventura today, because there are some drawings to review when we've received them.

Book #33 was Castle Vroman, by Thomas de Palma, Book VI in the A Galaxy Unknown series.

Sunday 3 April 2011

Sunday - Not much to say. Working a little on a manual for the EDR stuff. Trying to do a screen capture to illustrate how to set up the various tables. The client needs some help with that, so I'll go down and show them how this coming week.

Did some chores - edging and weed whacking the lawns was the big one. I need to add fertilizer and fungicide, but I'll wait until I head north, warning the cat sitter not to let the cats out for several days afterword.

Baseball has started, but I haven't actually watched a game yet.

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llamas in somis
Photo Notes: Llamas in Somis

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