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WEEK 16 2013

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Saturday 20 April 2013
Saturday - Spent the morning taking pictures. A bus, a fire engine, etc... Lunch at the Thai Cafe.

Friday 19 April 2013
Friday - After talking it over we've decided to see if we can do our own photography for the Show-Me app. It's simple, basic stuff, cups, coins, flowers, etc.

We haven't had a lot of luck looking for stuff on the Internet - it's there, but copyright laws being what they are one has to be careful. Even Wikipedia Commons pics sometimes have restrictions. We were looking for someone to search stuff out for us, and what we ran across a lot were web sites and ads for people whose job is was to find copyright violators. It's a whole industry!

The biologist has found some birds nesting at one of the next demolition sites, so we'll have to wait on that. The other site is clear, so we'll just change the order of demolition around. So it goes, a quarter million dollar job rescheduled because of a common roof finch.

friday cat photo
Riely and shoelace
Shoelaces never lose their appeal to a cat.

Thursday 18 April 2013

Thursday - well, it doesn't look like it quite got down to freezing - no signs of frost anywhere. The tomatoes were fine, and now I know how to arrange things if there is another frost warning  - doubtful, this year.

I was just beat yesterday evening, and tired today. One day on the road?

I spent most of the late afternoon and early evening practicing how to shoot pictures of small items, for the app. Trickier than you'd think.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Wednesday  - OTR, down to Thousand Oaks. The job looks to be progressing nicely, the tank is about half torn down already. Met with the on site foreman, and our inspector, a couple of minor issues had come up, but nothing big.

After lunch headed home again. I had planned to go to Ventura, but there really isn't any reason to, at this point.

I was pretty tired when I got home - not sure why - but spent an hour or so in the late afternoon freeze-proofing my tomatoes, as there was a freeze warning. One bed was easy, just putting emptied cat litter containers over the small plants. The other planter had tomato cages already installed, so I draped a couple of large tarps over it, with a 100W bulb (75W?) inside the tarps for heat. With bricks on top of everything, in case a breeze came up.

Book #15 was Darkship Renegades, by Sarah Hoyt. Sequel to book #14.

Tuesday  16 April 2013
Tuesday - Working away on this and that. Keeping busy, looking at the specs and submittals. Down to Thousand Oaks tomorrow.

Monday  15 April 2012
Monday - Another windy day, working away on some chores around the house in the morning, and paying my quarterly estimated taxes.

Then it was just working until early evening on the app.

I decided to change my style from nibs to storyboards. I don't really like storyboards, they hide too much, although it is quicker and easier to do some things.

All the current documentation uses them, however, so it's just easier to change over and be prepared for the way that Apple has decided it's going to be. It's not hard, just tedious.

Sunday 14 April 2012
Sunday - A very windy day here in Lancaster, which is saying a lot.

I went to see Lord of the Dance with S, at the LPAC. Her husband and son chose not to go - too bad, because it was fun. Lots of energetic dancing, some more like ballet rather than just dancing, and some singing. There was no talking, no introduction by the actors, and the story was a bit hard to follow in spots (there was a fairy, whose flute got broken by storm troopers & Michael Flatley got killed but came back from the dead to beat up the storm trooper leader). Mostly it was about the dancing, which makes sense.

Update: The LPAC page summary of the plot:
Don Dorcha, Lord of Darkness, challenges the ethereal Lord of Light, the Lord of the Dance.

The contractor's submittals for the first part of the job are in, so I'm probably down to Thousand Oaks in the middle of next week.

Picture of the Week
American Victory, May 2010, Florida 
Photo Notes:SS American Victory, May 2010, Tampa, Florida.

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