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WEEK 17 2021 

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Saturday 24 April 2021

Saturday - More spring weather, such as it is.

Texting back and forth with my brother M, who is trying to replace the hall bathroom fan.  It's easy once you've done one, a bit puzzling if not. He did finally get it out and has ordered a replacement online.

I'm driving S down to Ojai tomorrow, so I'll be down on the boat for a couple of days, no posting.

Friday 23 April 2021

Friday - Meh.

Thursday 22 April 2021

Thursday - More weather.

Book #21 was The Immortal Game (Rook #2), by Chad Huskin's.  This is the sequel to Book #21.  Again, good but not great. 

I actually hadn't heard of "The Immortal Game", which was a chess game played in the 1880's apparently.

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Wednesday - Gale force winds again, all day and night.

I finally took down the awning at the garage - it's more exposed to west winds there and was thrashing around wildly.

I went into town and picked up a perforated drain pipe to use as a roller, but it was too windy outside to work on it, so I just took the awning down for now, and will come up with a roller arrangement later.

The other two awnings are fairly well protected by the house, they flap around a bit, but not in a terrifying manner. I did add more weights to the guy end supports, just in case.

While in town I picked up some concrete dye to use on concrete around pipes through the walkways, and some more base material, for the walkway near the patio door under the kitchen window and faucet, that I started last November.  No rush.

Tuesday 20 April  2021

Tuesday - Gale force winds.

Still very tired, didn't do much inside or out.

I did use some spray in foam insulation on the master bedroom window, to help alleviate the draft and the noise from neighbor's dogs at night.  It seems to work fairly well for the deep crack between the winds that should have had a 3x4 in it, though it doesn't want to come off when it gets on your hands.

It was significantly better in the evening - am very tired of having to wear earplugs at night. Not perfect, but the double pane windows are 30yo, poorly installed, and not as good as they should be.

I should note that I see the signs of decline that I noticed in my old neighborhood - weird going's on at night, barking dogs, people roaring down the street with the cars and motorcycles at 2x the legal speed, mufflers modified to be extra offensive... Even in my three years here it is noticeable.


Book #20 was The Phantom in the Deep (Rook #1), by Chad Huskins. It was OK.

Monday 19 April 2021

Monday - Now they are predicting wind storms for the coming week.  It never fails, the moment I put the awnings up...  This is the windiest spring I can remember since the late 80's and early 90's.

I did a bit more work, disassembling the old shelves.  They are in worse shape and more poorly built than I realized, and need to come down completely.  But I need a plan with what to replace them before I completely demolish. I could use shelf units that I have, but would prefer wall mounted units so that I can keep an eye on possible ground termite issues (hopefully long over) and the cat can keep an eye on the mice.

I checked and the tax man took his pound of flesh. Ouch. But it's done.

Sunday 18 April 2021

Sunday - No Sunday shopping, S is off to SD and I was too tired to bother.  And I can, unlike most American's, live for a week two weeks without hitting the stores.

Typical spring weather, except very windy.As in now that I've put up the awnings again they are predicting a 30mph Tuesday next week. Bah.

I checked on line, when the little a/c unit didn't arrive as promised on Friday: it had just left Trenton, NJ.  So much for Amazon's delivery date.  Oh well.  Basically it's for the west office, which is already hitting 80F in the late afternoon on warm days. The small unit I had in there (a) wasn't quite enough to cool the room, and (b) deafening after a while. 

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Mountains with snow, NE California
Mountains with snow, north-east California, March 2021.

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