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WEEK 22 2013

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Saturday 1 June 2013
Saturday - The fire down towards Santa Clarita still continues.

The winds shifted mid-morning yesterday, and we started getting haze and smoke in town in the afternoon. Yuck. I couldn't even see the horizon to get a shot of the plumes, and it was blocking the sun out by late afternoon. My swamp cooler is making the whole hose smell like a wet campfire today :-(

When the winds shifted, a huge wall of smoke came down on Lancaster from the west....

I ordered a Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ this morning, for about half off. There was a promotional coupon in the mail, and since the Task Mechanic management team wants a line of Android Apps complementing the iPad apps, this seemed like a good opportunity to get one. It isn't the very recent hardware, but B&N just opened up their tablet to the Google Play store, and we aren't writing cutting edge high CPU demand stuff, so it'll be OK I think. I also picked up a smaller 7" tablet for K, since I kind of stiffed him at Christmas.

I then passed along the coupon code to my friend Tim, and accidentally did him dirt, as it turned out to be a one use coupon. Even though you could buy up to five tablets and I'd only bought two, you could still only use it once, which kind of stinks. I really wish I'd read the fine print before bringing it up :-(

Friday 31 May 2013
Friday - Down to Griffith Park for a memorial barbecue for an old friend. Reuben passed away a few weeks ago, in Arizona, but his wife organized a little get together for his friends and co-workers. I worked with Reuben for a decade or more, and even started a little (mostly stillborn) business with him, back in the early 1990's. It was a nice get together, I saw some people I hadn't seen for quite a while, and met his kids Lauren and Brent, all grown up now. How time flies.

The Powerhouse fire continues. It was supposed to be very hot in Los Angeles, but a high haze layer from the fire kept the temperatures in the low 80's, which was nice for the memorial.

powerhouse fire day two
Powerhouse Fire, Day 2

Thursday 30 May 2013

Thursday - The high winds blew the rain gutter off the front of my house last night. Yikes. Still, not as bad as tornadoes...

There is a big fire out to the southwest, the 'Powerhouse' fire. Easily visible smoke clouds in the AV here.

powerhouse fire day 1
Powerhouse Fire, Day 1

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Wednesday  - The windstorm continued, late into the night. Lancaster has always had high winds, but these are almost continuous, often gusting to 40mph. Lots of downed trees and damages in the neighborhood.

Working away on the app. Had the weekly business lunch with S, went over some more specifications for the app. It's amusing that it's dealing with colors, something I'm not particularly comfortable with myself.

Going back and forth with the contractor over some tasks at the job site.

Tuesday  28 May 2013
Tuesday - The wind howled all day. It actually bent the aluminum pole that I had my flag on, from yesterday. I also got a ticket on my Probe, from leaving it parked on the street. It's been years since I screwed up like that, $34 down the drain :-(

Spent the day working on the new(new(new app))).

Book #24 was The Golden Ticket, about the P vs NP problem in math. Eh.

In 1926 Grandpa served on the USCGC Gresham, CG-1, WPG-38. The Gresham had a long and busy history, launched in 1898, serving both the Navy, the Revenue Service, and the Coast Guard, and finally ending up as a British blockade runner for the Israelies in 1949-1951. The picture below shows her in Navy colors, in 1924, a couple of years before my grandfather would have been aboard. The white hull and gingerbread at the bow (probably gold leafed) is reminiscent of something from the Great White Fleet.


Monday  27 May 2012
Monday - Memorial Day.

Sunday 26 May 2012
Sunday - It's nice, not too warm, not too cool. Doing a bit of cleanup around the house. Except for the upstairs office things are starting to look OK. Vacuuming really hurts my back though :-(

Dinner with friends and their visiting daughter, over at Big Tuna. She is in town briefly, with boyfriend, doing a photo-shoot of a pregnant friend. I guess that's a thing now? Anyway, good to see her for the first time in a while. Now that I no longer make regular visits to Martinez my side trips to San Francisco are curtailed as well, so I don't see her often.

Picture of the Week
USCGD Conyngham CG-2 ashtray 
Photo Notes: Via my Grandfather: an ash tray made out of a piston (I use it for spare change, not being a smoker).

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