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WEEK 23 2006

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Saturday 10 June 2006

Saturday - on the road, up to my Dads' place.

First I had to mow the lawn, then edge it, then weed whack it. It looks a lot better, but there are still some sprinkler heads that need replacing. I am getting tired of replacing sprinkler heads - I might look into brass fittings. I suspect that due to flow rate issues I might have to replace all of the heads on a given line though. Still, it's mostly the fittings along the sidewalk, where they are exposed to pedestrians feet.

Not a bad drive, I finished Book #26, John Quincy Adams; The American Presidents Series. It wasn't up to the standards of '1776' or 'Founding Brothers' but it covers, in part, later portions of history, the 1820's to 1840's, that I know little about. Even less than my revolutionary era knowledge. Adams won the election of 1824 to become the sixth president - he had been secretary of state for the previous administration, a position that was understood to lead to the succeeding terms presidency. But he was involved in a somewhat shady deal with Henry Clay when the election ended up in Congress, resulting in accusations, so familiar to modern ears, of a 'stolen election'. These accusations, his poor administration and poor political skills led to his loss in a vindictive and dirty campaign with Andrew Jackson in 1828.

Highlights - Abigail Adams was a nagging shrewhish mother, whatever her other virtues. Adams was an advocate of the rights of Indians - unusual at the time - but the State goverments, Georgia in particular, ignored the federal treaties and laws. Indeed, they threatened to secede if interfered with, even at that early date. Adams was apparently a good diplomat, he spent time in France, Russia, and other countries. But in negotiating with England the United States was at a huge military, financial and relative population disadvantage. The US usually got the short end of the stick, but it was probably as good a deal as anyone could get.

Friday 9 June 2006

Friday - went over to some friends', helped them with a DSL connectivity problem and got a free home cooked meal out of the five minutes of work. Good work if you can get it!

Their daughter, a first year medical student, was home, and we talked about medical school. It's intense, but she seems to enjoy that. All the students are 'Grey's Anatomy' fans, and were forced to tape the season finale as it aired during finals week! She has a summer job at a Los Angeles hospital, then back to med school in the fall.

Someone loaned me as astronomical imaging camera - if the weather gets a bit better and the clouds disappear I can try it out. It's been warm, muggy, and rather overcast lately - annoying.

Thursday 8 June  2006

Thursday - this is annoying. I know that I wrote a post for Thursday and Friday, but it's not up. And I'm on the road, up at my Dads' place, using the laptop, so the actual document is probably sitting on my decktop back in Lancaster. Bah!

Still, my brain retains enough power to FTP, to download in ASCII, to open the document in GVIM, and write.

It all just takes longer. GVIM seems to have some sort of understanding of HTML, there are highlighted sections of text here and there. But, as far as I can tell, no 'preview' or spell checking...

Wednesday 7 June 2006

Wednesday - not a lot to say. Finally catching up my sleep after a looonnng weekend.

Tuesday 6 June 2006

Tuesday - there is a lot of nonsense about 6/6/6 and the mark of the beast. I think there might be a remake of 'The Omen' coming out as well. What a lot of cr*p.

It is the anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, a much more important event. There is a bit of history from a Coast Guard perspective. My father's ship, the USS Bayfield, was there as a flagship, though he was not on board at that time.

A warm humid evening as I walked out to the car at 7:00, very nice. Went for a nice walk when I got home - it was a bit humid for that, but endurable. Since they'd be predicting 105F the 95F it actually reached was a relief.

 Monday 5 June 2006

Monday - back at work, tired.

Sunday 4 June 2006

Sunday - on the road, after a bit of house sitting. Up to Tehachapi to look at a friends house, recently bought. There were a couple of deer eating apples off their tree as we drove up. Then we went over to another friends' place in Hart Flat - very nice and secluded in the foothills, with deer, rabbits, dogs, cats, horses and who knows what else. Very nice too.

Picture of the Week
The USS Bayfield at Normandy

Photo Notes: The USS Bayfield, APA-33, at Normandy.

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