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WEEK 24 2006

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Saturday 17 June 2006

Saturday - moving day. Fortunately it was a spinet piano, and there was plenty of help. We had the truck packed and off to Tehachapi before noon, and had it unpacked and back to U-Haul by 4:00, easy.

Friday 16 June 2006

Friday - I still haven't seen X3 - but I will.

Back at work today, tired tonight. Tomorrow I help someone move to Tehachapi. Hopefully we get the truck loaded early - it's supposed to be 101F in the AV tomorrow. Apparently a piano is involved. I intend to let the younger crowd take the lead on that. (Hopefully I'm not the younger crowd).

The Adam's biography was apparently one in a series - possibly a series of all the presidents? I'm just not that dedicated. Van Buren, for example, can remain a mystery to me.

In a vaguely related subject: are you a believer in American Exceptionalism? Then the fact that the collision of the two biggest storms in the solar system occurs this July 4th will come as no shock to you!

I need to get that digital sky camera going!

Thursday 15 June  2006

Thursday - feeling a new man, and back on the road, down to Lancaster. There were a great many trucks, not too many cars. Nice weather. The new stupidity seems to be people cutting off semi's. On the way up, and on the way down I saw a car in the fast lane veer across in front of a semi truck - within feet of them- and across the "horn" of an exit ramp. One a mini-van full of adults and children, the other a SUV. It was no risk to me, but rather horrifying to watch.

Money - won a quarter off Dad, but then lost it back when the Mariner's failed to show up for a game with the A's. (Well, they showed up in body anyway, but not spirit. Bah. If their bus had had a flat I'd not be out 25 cents!)

Bob Dylan is on XM radio, Ann Althouse reports. Perhaps that's why I found myself melding one of his old songs and a recently perused presidential biography:

John Quincy Adams,
He was an honest man.
He was never known
to do an evil deed.
(with apologies to Dylan's John Wesley Hardin)

Wednesday 14 June 2006

Wednesday - did a bit of work around the house, but then came down with some terrible cruft in the afternoon, about the time I was going to head south to Lancaster. Not a chance of that....

Tuesday 13 June 2006

Tuesday - I spent some time with my brother yesterday. We had a nice lunch, went down to the boat and viewed the half completed chain plates and vowed to work on it "later". Later, oddly, never came. We pointed out to the harbor master another sailboat, one that had come partially adrift from another (locked) pier and was bashing itself against a dockside. He secured it, but the paint job was probably ruined.

We had a nice steak dinner and watched "The Village" on cable. I had just assumed it was another 'slasher' movie and ignored it when it came out. Not so - it was as much of a character study of human folly and innate sin as anything else. Odd movie, but I enjoyed it.

 Monday 12 June 2006

Monday - A kitten and a MacIntosh. Cute.

Three years ago this last week I was just driving the new (to me) Explorer up to my dads place. Which reminds me- it (the Explorer) needs a wash again.

My Dads' place is rather clean. All the rain.

Sunday 11 June 2006

Sunday - Aha! Found the missing book link!

Book #25
was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Pretty good, actually. Though one gets tired of Harry's friends disbelieving him when he tells them something is afoot. I always knew something was up with Snape. I'd hoped that he wouldn't be the villain, it was too easy, but there you go...

Working on another historical biography now...

I was thinking, after posting the link to the USS Bayfield, about the first time I did an image search for it. That time there were two or three links, now there are dozens. In what, three or four years? Remarkable.

Picture of the Week
The Great Red Spot, and Jr.

Photo Notes: Via NASA, the Great Red Spot, and the Great Red Spot, Jr.

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