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WEEK 23 2012

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Saturday 9 June 2012
Saturday - Not much going on. Writing out some checks for the quarterly taxes, gave the car a light wash. I should wax it too, but was caught up in some other things and never got around to it. Maybe I'll just run it through one of the wash 'n wax places for now. Didn't clean the interior, either. Oh well, better than it was!

Friday 8 June 2012
Friday - OTR. More looking at drawings, doing preliminary redlining, and so on.

On the road home, a bit after 4:00pm. Didn't arrive in Lancaster until after 7:00pm, three hours to go about 100 miles. The I-14 was jammed, there was an accident on both shoulders of the northbound lanes, and I suspect something besides the usual Friday traffic and the accident was going on, but it cleared up after Soledad Canyon.

The cat was happy to see me, but not frantic, which is good.

I didn't have time to do much on the boat, but I picked stuff up and put it away and threw asome way and took away a lot. When I use it like a hotel it starts to look like a college kids dorm after a while. Cruft just accumulates. I meant to clean, vacuum and paint, but never got the chance this trip.

Apparently another hobo chose my sleeping bag to die. Taking it back to Lancaster to be washed.

I hope (plan) to go sailing with the Sea Scout on Sunday, so I wanted things mostly in order for then. I assume we'll drive down early Sunday morning, perform a couple of quick maintenance items, go over some safety stuff, and probably motor towards the islands until the winds pick up. They've been weak, and I probably wouldn't recommend trying to sail in them normally; but he's off to the Chesapeake for cruising in a couple of weeks and wanted to get some more practice in boats, particularly one's bigger than the 15' daysailers they usually practice around Marina Del Rey in.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Thursday - OTR. Working on this and that for the UG stuff.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Wednesday  - OTR. Office work, getting drawings in order, talking about how to do them. Putting together Excel files of defects, lengths, channel types, etcetera, etcetera.

The transit of Venus was yesterday, last for another 105 years. My welding lenses weren't dark enough, supposedly you need a #14 to be safe and mine were only #10. I wasn't sure how they are rated, does stacking two #10's give you a #20 or a #12 (i.e. linear or log or ln scale)? When we searched for a local viewing by an astronomy or science club there was nothing closer than Goleta. Huh.

Instead we used some binoculars to project the image on some paper, and because of the magnification you can clearly see the disk of the planet in transit:

venus in transit, june 2012
Venus in transit, 5 June 2012, Oxnard Ca.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Tuesday - OTR. Well, got up at four, on the road before five, arrived before eight at the designated site. Unfortunately we didn't actually start work until about eleven in the morning... It was good to get that last inspection done, though it was a brutal slog through a very low (4') section.

We did discover the manhole that we couldn't find before - the city had paved over it but the asphalt had cracked in a nice circle over it. From below we had see that the manhole barrel was full of bats, perhaps a hundred, so we didn't mess about with trying to open it. I took a long GPS reading on it, and we are essentially done with field work, though there will probably be some follow-up here and there.

Monday 4 June 2012

Monday - Working around the house again, but this time mostly cleanup. Did the wash, did the dishes, did some shopping, did the bills, talked to the boss, cleaned the counters, vacuumed downstairs, and cleaned up the garage to the point where I can park the Explorer inside again.

I even managed to get a junk guy to take the old swamp cooler chassis and a couple of other bits of stuff away, free. I gave him the old motor, which probably has $20 worth of copper windings in it, but it means I don't have to schlep this stuff to the dump!

From about noon until 3:00 I was at a friend's house, helping them get their industrial type orange juice squeezer going. This was pretty cool, despite a kind of Rube Goldberg look to the mechanism. You simply put the oranges - whole - into a bit at the top, and the machine feeds them into a cutter, one by one, which cuts them in half, then turns them face down on a mandrel, and squeezes them with a cup that comes down, then ejects the peels down a chute in back. It's rather hypnotic to watch, and the orange juice, once we had it adjusted and set up right, was delicious. There were a couple of small rollers missing (it was a thrift store find) so I just cut a couple lengths of 1/4" steel rod, rounded the ends, sandpapers them, and it worked beautifully. Very cool.

Work tomorrow, early, I'm beat, so I need to get to bed early tonight!

Sunday 3 June 2012

Sunday - In morning I did sprinkler patrol, running each line and checking for bad sprinkler heads. There were several in the front yard, and several in the back yard. It was hot out, so a nice pair of swim trunks and a hat for shade, and my Tiva sandals was the uniform of the day.

Later, after lunch, I spent several hours building tomato plant "cages" out of wire mesh from Home Depot. This mesh, sold in 7x4' sections for concrete reinforcement makes for nice cages after a bit of work with nippers and channel locks. I ended up with lots of little cuts on my hands, but they are built, put into place, and held by wire against our prevailing west winds (which are predicted to gust to 55mph later in the week).

In the evening I met up with friends at Vince's Pizza & Pasta, and we adults talked while the kids went crazy with all the little games they have in back!

Picture of the Week
solar eclipse as projected by an oak tree
Photo Notes: The partial solar eclipse as projected by an oak tree, Ojai, May 2012.

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