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WEEK 25 2012

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Saturday 23 June 2012
Saturday - OTR. Down in Ventura. Working away on things.

We moved the rest of the office, since it's not a work day at the old place. We had the Explorer, the Toyota PU, a Subaru and a Mini. It all went pretty fast, the worst item being a file cabinet with bricks fastened into the bottom - very heavy. But we got them all moved over to the new office, then went off to Thousand Oaks in the afternoon, to review a drain out there.

Friday 22 June 2012
Friday - OTR. Down in Ventura, working. Beautiful weather for it. The jobs are going faster, we are just verifying defect types, for different repair methods, so all the stationing and linear feet estimation is already done. But I'm still beat at the end of the day...

One of the things I saw up in Fremont, driving about with my sister, was the Solyndra building, so familiar from reports in the news. It's big, really big, and actually just part of an entire complex, just off the freeway.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Thursday - OTR. Down in Ventura, working. We've got to re-inspect (a no extra charge) some of the channels, and form a schedule of repairs for the drawing. In addition we need to finish moving the office.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Wednesday  - Still at the house - with all the office move stuff going on down in Ventura there was no work. I was just as happy, still pretty tired, and I'm going through paperwork on refinancing the house. It's a bit like doing taxes, again. Last year was a bad year, I'm not sure that this isn't all wasted motion, but I guess it's worth a shot.

Book #55 was Princeps, by L.E. Modesitt. Eh.

Kirk, at the helm of the Marie Virginia.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Tuesday - Tired. Getting to bed after midnight, after a fairly brutal drive took it out of me. I pretty much napped the day away on the couch. It's funny, I used to do that monthly, but even back when it was a regular thing it was starting to get to me after all those years, taking me a day or more to recuperate. More traffic, faster and less well behaved, more trucks because of modern low inventory practices, and (no doubt) age on my part.

Unbroken, the audio book that a friend loaned to me, was a godsend. Compared to what Louis Zamperini was going through my heavy traffic on a hot day pales. I'll be sorry when the book ends. Unfortunately some of the CD's are scratched, and the section where his family learns he's alive - months after ditching into the Pacific Ocean and being declared "Missing" by the military - I had to skip. You can picture me driving along yelling "OH COME ON, NOT NOW!". Guess I'll read that part - maybe the whole thing again - in print.

K, who had been cat watching for me, stopped by to pick up his copy of Chapman's that he'd left here by accident. He said that he enjoyed sitting outside under a tree, reading, with the cat under the chair. We went out for lunch at Tom's, a couple of burger's and coke's.

Monday 18 June 2012

Monday - We went and shopped for my sister's birthday present, a Kindle Touch 3G, which turns out to be a pretty nice piece of equipment. I had thought the keyboard version might be better, but it looks like the touch version really does have a lot going for it, a good choice!

On the road late, 4:00pm ish, and heading south. There was a lot of traffic and a number of serious accidents, road lane closures, and truck breakdowns tying up traffic. So, I got in about 11:00pm or so.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Sunday - The drive up went OK yesterday - rather hot in the valley, 103F most of the way. The Explorer ran fine, but I'm glad I did the tuneup.

We mostly just hung out, my sister, niece and myself. It was warm in Fremont, even at night. Did some work on the front yard sprinklers. Kind of a failed attempt there, since there is a failed gate valve that is in a small concrete vault in the pavement that makes it impossible to remove or replace (safely). What I thought was a nearby pressurized line, wasn't. Next time I'm up I'll just run a new line for the sprinklers from an existing line. Actually Sis's sprinklers and yard need a lot of work. Now that the Grandview place is done with, and my own yard licked into a bit better shape I can spare and little time and effort for that, I think.

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sailing, december 2000
Photo Notes: Sailing, December 2000, San Francisco Bay.

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