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WEEK 26 2012

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Saturday 30 June 2012
Saturday - At the beach!

Friday 29 June 2012
Friday - Since I had a lot of the frozen goods, and the linen, I pretty much had to head to Cayucos. But errand after errand kept me in town, until I finally got out about 3:30 or 4:00. No rush, after all. Traffic was decent, not as bad as I feared. Since the I-5 was necked down to a single lane northbound, with a one hour delay, I had to take one of the east-west roads before CA-46. I generally take CA-166, but decided to take CA-58 instead - it's probably been ten years or more since traveling that highway, as it's slow, the road and turns just minor upgrades from, probably, the 1940's.

And it was fun. Long, winding about a lot, with not a few hairpin turns on both ends, and it still had the two right-angle doglegs in the exact middle of the Carizzo plain. Still rural and little traveled. By 8:00 I was arriving in Cayucos.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Thursday - Tired. I did a bit of running about, getting things done before heading off to Cayucos tomorrow or Saturday, but it was hard to move, let alone get things done.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Wednesday  - OTR. Actually a pretty long day in Ventura. I wasn't on my way home until about 4:00pm, and traffic was pretty awful :-(

As you make the transition from Hwy-125 onto the I-5 southbound there is a largish building across the freeway, with the name "Advanced Bionics" on it. So, it was probably where Steve Austin had his work done, back in the day...

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Tuesday - OTR. Finishing up the underground inspection (again). This last bit was a fairly short piece in Ventura proper, so afterwards we went back and did some office work. Or tried to - we were both almost incoherent from weariness. I've got the schedules finished up for what we've seen so far, ready to be put onto the draft of the plans, so we'll do a bit of work tomorrow on some items for the specifications, then I'm out of Ventura, back to Lancaster - and then  off to Cayucos for the week of the Fourth.

I'm beginning to feel a bit tired of driving.

Monday 25 June 2012

Monday - OTR. More work in the field. Coming back to the office the draftsman had voluntarily started putting his desk together. It's a huge 3-sided beast, very nice looking, cherry veneer over particle board. I accused D of trying to make the new office as dark and tunnel-like as the old ;-)

Sunday 24 June 2012

Sunday - OTR. The halyards were banging against the mast last night. Unwilling to unwrap the tarp that I currently have tied over the sail and mast I just stuck a couple of seat cushions between the halyards and mast. It worked, but my boat sort of looks like the Beverly hillbillies live there...

I drew up a little plan of inexpensive improvements to my sister's back yard and sent it to her the other day. It isn't a fancy layout, but it'll be better than what's there, and can be improved by her, bit-by-bit, as time goes by.

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Photo Notes: Sailing, San Francisco Bay.

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